Getting in the Team Spirit

By Claire and Nathan

“Woooo Hooo!” “Yeah!” Whistle! Whistle! Applause! That’s what you hear when you go to sport games or events, because the people watch it and like to applaud to help the athletes. It is exciting for the audience.

Our class and the whole school wore our sport uniforms last Friday, because it was Sports Spirit Day at our school.

Since Nathan and I could write a quality blog comment, Mrs. Fraher let us write a quality post about Sports Day.

There are many great sports, but our favorites are soccer and gymnastics.

Soccer is a game (sport) played by two teams of eleven players. Other countries call it football. There are seventeen rules in the game. Like… no picking up the ball. No pushing other people, and score. Usually the players score by dribbling, passing, or shooting goals with their feet. Also referees can not kick the ball, because they are the ones who make sure people follow the rules.

The World Cup is the biggest tournament in the world. It is played every four years. Tons of people watch the games each year. Brazil won the 2002 World Cup and also won five since the tournament began. The World Cup is famous. It’s important because lots of people like to play in it. Crowds get together and cheer and go wild. They show their team spirit.

Claire’s favorite sport is gymnastics. Gymnastics is an active sport all around the world. Many girls and boys love to do gymnastics. People say that gymnastics is just an exercise for your body, but it’s actually just a fun activity that you can do. Gymnastics is a sport that provides many different skills such as balance, flexibility, concentration, and strength.

Gymnastics was used by ancient Greeks so that they could get on and off a horse. Circuses use a lot of gymnastics too. So, it has been around for a long time.

Gymnastic events have different performances that entertain people. People get to cheer their team on.

Cheering teams on creates an excitement and team spirit. There should be a day where every one should wear sport uniforms to represent their team spirit.

What are your favorite sports teams or events?

Why do you think it’s important to have team spirit?


13 thoughts on “Getting in the Team Spirit

  1. Hello Mrs. Fraher’s class!
    I appreciate YOUR team SPIRIT!
    I think we should keep our enthusiasm close to home, so I like to cheer on the Prospectors, the Diamondbacks, and occassionally, the Cardinals. I like most all sports, but I doubt you’ll ever catch me hunting (bet I never say never!).
    Sports are important because they give us a sense of belonging to something bigger, a love of the outdoors, an appreciation of what our bodies can do for us, and it’s just plain fun to get excited at games! But the most important thing to me about sports is working as a team and showing good sportsmanship…

  2. Great post! I would have to say my favorite team sports are basketball and soccer. I have been a Phoenix Suns fan since I was a little dude and that was a long time ago. I think team spirit brings people together that have a common interest and you can meet new friends that way while cheering on your favorite teams!

    Jon Castelhano

  3. Dear Claire and Nathan,I hope you are in joying your blog.I wish that I could have a blog too with Elly.I hope you enjoy your blog.


  4. Dear Claire and Nathan,
    I hope you enjoyed doing your blog. Have fun reading all of the comments on your blog. I wish that I can have a blog with Elly.


  5. Dear Mrs. Fraher’s Class,

    Great post on sports! My favorite sport is soccer! I have a passion for that sport and I am happy to be a coach. It is so much fun to see players work hard and learn the game.

    I think team spirit is SO important. Without it a team could get discouraged and lose. Most important, though, is sportsmanship. You have to have a good attitude both on and off the field as an athlete. Do you think professional players have good sportsmanship?

    Until next time,
    Mrs. Goucher

  6. Dear Mrs. Fraher’s class,

    You have had some fabulous blogs so far, and this sports blog from Claire and Nathan is no exception! I love the pictures of your class all wearing their favorite sports teams and uniforms. The picture of Claire upside down reminds me of myself when I was her age. I was always upside down and loved gymnastics, too!

  7. I also loved ballet and dance class. Did you know that a lot of professional football players have taken ballet in order to improve their flexibility?

    Keep up the great work!

    Jaden’s mom (Tracey)

  8. Dear Claire and Nathan,

    The two of you did a lot of research in order to write this fabulous post. I am very impressed with how well you took your research and summarized or paraphrased in your own words the most important points.

    Plus, when you sat down to write the post, you both had the URLs (the web addresses) to show others where you got your information, and where they could go to learn more. Linking to other sources is very important in blogging, and I’m proud of both of you for understanding that. Nicely done!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  9. Dear Claire,

    I would have to say my favorite sport would be gymnastics also. Claire and I have been in gymnastics for two years. It is so fun and I love it. What is your favorite part in gymnastics, Claire? Right back soon.

    Your Friend,

  10. Dear Claire and Nathan,

    I relaly enjoyed your post. Did you make that jumble of words about sports from Tag Cloud or Wordle? It is very impressive.

    I am a huge die hard basketball and football fan. I root for the Cardinals and the Phoenix Suns. You will always find me on Sunday grading papers and watching NFL. I think teamwork is important on and off the field. If you don’t work together as a team then you won’t play well on the field.

    Great job,
    Mrs. Martinez

  11. Dear anyone who reads this,
    thank you if you made any comments to us.We really appreciate it.What kind of sports do you like? I like Soccer, and Football.


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