Our Country-Freedom for All!

This summer I had a chance to go to Philadelphia and visit Independence Hall, Liberty Bell Center, and the National Constitution Center.  As I was learning about the history of the bell and the events leading up to America’s birth, I felt so much pride and thankfulness for the patriots who fought to guarantee our freedoms.  Are you aware of these freedoms that many other countries do not have?  It is so important for all to understand and appreciate what we have in America.  Constitution Week has passed and we learned so many things about our country.  Please comment on what you appreciate most about living in America.





















31 thoughts on “Our Country-Freedom for All!

  1. What i appreciate most about living in america is the way it was created.How we, as in america were known and still are known to others as a free place… no one to tell us what to wear or say.I can tell you in my opinion there is no place i would rather live than in america because of this benifit, FREEDOM.This post was very well organized and easy to understand i honestly found it great.

  2. I appreciate America because, It is FREE! By that I mean that us american citizens are actually free. Not only are we free, I love the safe feeling that only america has. All these other wars going on around the world; I thank god I have a safe comfortable place to live in peace. 🙂

    I love the blog pictures of the bells!

  3. I like all of the freedom we have. I like how everyone is treated equally and there is no slavery. I hope that we do not take any of our freedoms for granted, because some countries do not get the same freedoms and right as America.

  4. What I appreciate most about living in America is of the really good education. The schools are really good here. You get to learn a lot about history in school and other subjects.Teachers are the best, they pay attention to every student.

  5. I like America because of all the people that gave their lives so that we could have a more perfect country. People like the soldiers in the Revolutionary War died for our country. A country that is free! We have many freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of press. America is best country to live in. This site was very “eye catching” and has vivid colors. It is also set up very neatly with the pictures, etc.

  6. I love that America has the right to speak, the fact that all those ordinary men fought for our right is amazing. They left their homes, familes, and jobs just to keeps their rights. It brings tears to my eyes when i see other states who do not have the right to express what they feel. We are all lucky to be living here. We have an amazing education, and we are all treated equally.

  7. I enjoy living in the United States because you can speak your mind and share your thoughts. I love America.

    Awesome website, I like how the background is a notebook.

  8. What I love most about America is freedom of speech. People are allowed to speak what they feel and not be thrown in jail most of the time. In some countries you might say something negative about something and then before you know it, your in jail.

    P.S. I love the orange and red flowery design on the blue background.

  9. There are so many things i love about America, but what i like most is all the free choices. I love how we can live the lifes that we choice and make our own choices.

    *i like all the colors and designs, nice little blog.:)*

  10. What I love most about America is freedom. I love how everyone is created equal and that there is no slavery.I like how no one can tell us what to say and that we are allowed to make our own choices.

  11. What I like most about living in America is all of our freedom. We all get so much more opportunities than citizens of another country. We have freedom of speech, freedom to vote, and many other great freedoms, and that’s what i love about living in America. Also, awesome pictures on the post.

  12. I like the freedom that I have. That we can still trade, sell, and buy things. I think its good that we have the freedom to practice religion whenever we want to. And that we have school so that we can learn more things that we don’t know about. I say that we are more lucky today than in the past.

  13. What I love most about America is that everyone is treated equally, and our freedom. Also the Democratic society, to vote what we want changed (such as presidents). We have government not ruled by kings or queens that many other countries don’t have.

  14. what i appresiate most about america is freedom of speech because than i can say what i feel and wont get any huge punishment like you can say if you like the president or if you don’t like him! 🙂

    p.s.I like it how the comments are in a notebook.

  15. What i love about america is the freedom of speech and being able to have good education. I also like america because we are not forced to do things. I think we are very lucky to be in america.

  16. Personally, I believe the best thing about America is that everybody are treated with equal respect. Overall, the thing I enjoy the most about the United States is that we have a chance at freedom and we have the ability to make our own choices. Love the blog!

  17. I appreciate living in America because of the freedom that is offered dating back over 200 years ago when United States signed the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution was made. Freedom of speach and religion are just two examples that American people have so they can make their own choices. We are lucky to have choices that other countries might not have and this makes America the place I want to live. I’m glad we celebrate Constitution Week to remind us of all what we have to be thankful for and those who fight for our county to keep it safe.

    I like the pictures of the bells and post it notes. I think this site was designed with good colors and has a lot of informtaion links to go and vistit.

  18. I am thankful to live in America because you have freedom. People deserve to have there own choices and be able to speak their mind. We are very lucky that we have freedom because a lot of people in other states don’t. Freedom is here because of the Declaration of Independence. If we didn’t have that, then we wouldn’t be free to speak our minds and thoughts.
    The website was very creative and very smart to do. It’s helping many people get better grades. It has good information.

  19. what i appreciate most about living in America is that we have a good justice system because with out it there would be chaos.

    i like the way the website was set up like a note book.

  20. Dear Mr. Fraher,

    What I appreciate most about living in America is freedom of speech ,and religion.If we didn’t get to speek our mind then nothing would be changed in our society.Also choosing our religion lets us believe in what we want,not what a king or queen wants us to believe.I do believe America is the most free country in the world.I like this post because of all the pictures,I think pictures add more details to the post.This summer I am also going to Pennsilvania,maybe I will visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to learn more about Americas history.
    Kylie P

  21. What i love most about living in America is our rights. I love being able to worship my religion freely. I know that other countries are not able to have these rights. In most countries, the dictator chooses the religion. I also love that we don’t have just one all-powerful dictator. We have checks and balances and a democracy/republic that keeps our rights safe, however slow our system may be. I love how the constitution sets up popular sovereignty that lets us choose whether we want the republican or the democrat or the tea party candidate.
    This site is amazing! I love the “Notepad Chaos v2” theme. Totally makes the site feel like a school site and almost makes it feel like a teenage girls blog. Almost. The pictures of the liberty bell and the National Constitution Center are really cool!

  22. What i appreciate about this country is that we have the right to be who we want to be and to believe in what we want.I also appreciate that our country strives protect us all by giving us laws to fallow for the well being of our country.

  23. i appreciate living in America because there are many opportunities. I believe this to be true because we live in a free country. people in america can decide what job they want and make there own choices.

    i like the blog because it made the readers relize how wonderful our country is. I feel that people that live in America take our freedom for granted and do not realise how lucky we are.

  24. Mr. Fraher.

    What I love most about Living in America is the Freedom to express myself. I have a voice and I like it to be heard. I like that I can one day vote for what I stand for (voicing my support) I appreciate that others can come to America and live a life full of happiness and freedom to be heard. The way we govern our politics, voting for the bills, rights, and the ability to choose our presidents. Freedom of religion is also important to me… I would not like to be told I have to worship in one way or serve a higher power I do not believe in.

    I enjoyed reading the post because it gave me insight on how others feel about the American dream – Freedom. I enjoyed reading the History of the Freedom Bell. The pictures gave me a sense of standing in front of it…. I can only imagine what it would have been like to be there in person, the day bell cracked!

    The post was designed beautifully and with extremely detailed pictures.

    • I wanted to add to my post, that when I was 11 I visited the Arizona State Capitol, and saw a life size model of the Liberty Bell, I was impressed to see how large the bell was and seeing pictures of the actual bell impressed me even more.

    • Lynde,

      I have to tell you that I was very impressed with your blog comment. It was well thought out and detailed. I liked the ideas you came up and your connection to the state capital. Nice work!

      Mrs. Fraher

  25. What I like most about America is that we are all treated equally. Also we have rights that many other countries don’t have. Finally, I like how we have freedom of speech in America. I loved the website!!! It is very eye catching and I love how it is set up!

  26. Dear Mrs.Fraher,
    I wish that you were here because you are telling us things that we don’t now. You are the best teacher in the whole entire world. How are you today? Have a great day.

    Elisa P.

  27. Dear Mrs. Fraher’s Class,
    We thought that your American spirit is bursting with creativity. We like America because it is free and we don’t live in fear that we will be hurt or get killed by other people. We are treated equally not by how we look or what you believe. Some people from other countries run away to America just to be free. Please list some countries that are free and aren’t free.

    Kirsten S. and Emma D.

    • Hi Kirsten and Emma!

      Zach and I really like your comment. We agree with you, too. Comment back!

      Melissa and Zachary

  28. Hi Mrs. Fraher’s Class!!!

    Zach and I love your class blog! One thing that we both like about America is that it is a free country and we have the rights that many countries do not have. We hope you will comment back to us!

    Zach and Melissa

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