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Student Blogging Challenge #7 My Four Best Posts

April 24, 2013 by Ethan · 13 Comments · Student Blogging Challenge

I’m going to list my four best posts. These will not be by greatest to least. It will be from what ever order that I choose them in. I’m going to choose four of my best posts that are about: history, book reviews, The Student Blogging Challenge, and my best post!

My best one on history is, Interviewing My Grandpa, Student Blogging Challenge #8

I chose this post, because it tells about my grandpa’s personal experience in history. It also has some questions that I put their and his answer.

My Best one on book reviews is, Among The Hidden, Book Review

I chose this post, because this could happen in the future. Also it has expense and it pulls you in because you want to know what happens next. This book has a series of 7 books.

My best one on The Student Blogging Challenge is, 10 Different People, Student Blogging Challenge #1

I chose this post, because it has ten different people in history, and I think it has great questions about some people and we wouldn’t know about that if they weren’t asked.

My best one is, New Year with Mr. Davo Devil

I chose this post as my best one, because I had a lot of fun with him. Also because it has a lot of different things that I like to do! Finally this all happened on The New Year!!!

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Do you think that these are good posts?

What four posts do you think are the best?

If you have a blog can you tell me your four favorite posts?

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Minecraft Student Blogging Challenge #2

March 16, 2013 by Ethan · 23 Comments · Games, Life, Student Blogging Challenge

Week 2 in the Student Blogging Challenge, I’m going to write about Minecraft. I love to play Minecraft. I love to build awesome houses, explore, and mine.

I made this house on Minecraft.

I also like to play with my friends on Minecraft. We love to explore the new updates on creative mode together. The main objective on Minecraft is to build, mine, explore, and have fun! On Minecraft there are zombies, skeletons, spiders, creepers, pigs, chickens, cows, sheep, etc.

Minecraft Wiki is the wiki for Minecraft. Minecraft Wiki helps you find out how to make things, how to build things, how things work, and more! Also there are servers. With servers you can play with people across the world. Also you can just play with your friends on servers too.

Do you play Minecraft?

What do you like most about Minecraft?

Do you like to play with different people?

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10 Different People Student Blogging Challenge #1

March 6, 2013 by Ethan · 7 Comments · Life, Student Blogging Challenge

Student Challenge #1 asks, “If you could meet 10 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Make a list of the people and include one question you would ask them in an interview. You cannot repeat the same question.”

These are the ten people that I would like to ask:

George Washington = When did  you feel that you wanted independence?

Martin Luther King Jr. = When did you first think about equal rights?

Albert Einstein = Why did you quit school to become a scientist?

William Shakespeare = What inspired you to become a poet?

Isaac Newton = How did you figure out the rules of motion when no one else could?

Abraham Lincoln = What goaded you to free the enslaved?

Christopher Columbus = When you first explored America, what did you do first?

Ben Franklin = When you experimented with lighting, did you have any safety precautions?

Thomas Jefferson = How did you feel when you wrote The Declaration of Independence?

Harriet Tubman = What would you have done if someone caught you while you were leading others to the next stop?


Would you pick these people and why?

Who would you pick?

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Gathering Data Student Blogging Challenge #5

October 7, 2012 by Ethan · 4 Comments · Life, Sports, Student Blogging Challenge

At my school a lot of kids are playing different sports. I was wondering what the other people like as their favorite sport. I would really like it if you voted.

Get your own Poll!

If you don’t have just one favorite sport please leave a comment on which sports you like.

What’s your favorite sport to play and watch?

Who are your favorite teams?

What are your favorite players and the teams that they play on?

I did this for the Student blogging Challenge.

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Free Choice Student Blogging Challenge #4

October 4, 2012 by Ethan · 2 Comments · Sports, Student Blogging Challenge

This post was written for the Student Blogging Challenge #4. I created it using Pages.

Do you like to play Soccer?

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My passions student blogging challenge #2

September 26, 2012 by Ethan · 4 Comments · Books, Games, Student Blogging Challenge

My passions are: reading books, doing puzzles, and playing board games.

This is how far I am now.

My first passion is reading books, it is my best passion. What I like about reading books so much is that I get to sometimes learn something. Also what I like so much about reading books is that I get sucked into the book.

My second passion that I love doing the most is doing puzzles. What I like about doing puzzles is that I have to find out where every piece goes. Right now I am doing a 1000 piece puzzle. It is so fun because I have to find out where a lot of people go.

This is what it will look like.

My third passion is playing board games. What makes this my third passion is that I get to be able to be with family and friends while I’m playing a game.

What are your three favorite passions and why?

This is the second student blogging challenge.


On October 1 I finished the puzzle. I lost one of the puzzle pieces, so now I have only 999 pieces of the puzzle.

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Free Rice, Student Blogging Challenge #4

April 1, 2012 by Ethan · 15 Comments · Games, Learning, Student Blogging Challenge

How I participated in the forth challenge. I went to Free Rice and  I got 2160 grains of rice. Below is how many I got today and how much I got in all.  When I do this I feel very good because I am 

making a difference  in life. I like how young kids (like me) can make a difference in life. I love Free Rice because it helps others and ourselves learn.



Have you been to Free Rice?

How many grains have you gotten?

Do you feel like you making a difference n life?



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My Nominations, Student Blogging Challenge #10

November 21, 2011 by Ethan · 12 Comments · Student Blogging Challenge

For the student blogging challenge I’m going to nominate three different blogs. The first one will be for best class blog, the second one will be for best new blog, the third one will be for best student blog.

For best class blog I’m going to nominate Mrs. Yollis’s class blog. Mrs. Yollis makes quality comments. She also make really good posts. She’s the reason why i started blogging. This is why I nominated Mrs. Yollis.


For best new blog I’m going to nominate Mrs. Fraher’s class blog. This is Mrs. Fraher’s first year blogging with students. What she has done is impressive for a new blog. It doesn’t look like a new blog, but I just know that because some friends of mine are in that class. This is why I nominated her class blog for best new blog.

For best student blog I’m going to nominate Jaden’s Awesome blog. Jaden writes interesting posts, like for instance, Favorites: Books. Jaden and I are blogging buddies, we met each other through the blogging challenge.When he posts a comment, he puts questions in it to get a conversation going. This is why I nominated Jaden for best student blog.

Did you like my nominations?

Who are you going to nominate?

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My Favorites, Student Blogging Challenge #9

November 20, 2011 by Ethan · 8 Comments · Books, Games, Sports, Student Blogging Challenge

What are your favorites? There are so many favorites in the world it’s hard just to pick one. I will be telling you about three of my favorites. The reason why I’m doing this is because of the student blogging challenge asked about our favorites.

Some rights reserved by matthewjuran

My favorite video game is Minecraft. I like Minecraft because I get to mine and build anything I want to. I’ve built an under ground house, I’ve also farmed, mined, and I’m breeding animals.

My favorite sport is soccer. I like soccer because it is fun to play. My family has played soccer too. This season, I’ve also made a goal in a game.

My favorite series of books is the Warriors series. I like the series because it’s about cats . They have to learn to live in the wild. It’s hard for them because there are clans, the clans fight each other for food and territory.

Now you know some of my favorites.

What are your favorites?

Did you know anything about my favorites?

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Interviewing My Grandpa, Student Blogging Challenge #8

November 15, 2011 by Ethan · 7 Comments · History, Student Blogging Challenge

“After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt cited military necessity as the basis for incarcerating 120,000 Japanese Americans–adults and children, immigrants and citizens alike.” My Grandpa was one of the 120,000 Japanese Americans who was incarcerated. For my blogging challenge I am going to interview my Grandpa.

In this video you will hear my Grandpa telling you about the Japanese internment such as why he went, where he went, what he did there, how long he stayed, walking to the mess hall, and what it was like there.

One of the questions I asked later in our interview was, “what happened to his home and everything he owned?” He told me, “when the army came to their house, they said to bring what they could carry to the interment camp (they lost everything when they left the house).” My grandpa was about 9 when he went in and when he came out he was about 13.

Here are some more interview questions I asked:

How old were you? What did you play? (mp3)

What did your parents do after the war? (mp3)

How long did it take before being treated nicely? (mp3)

Grandma, what was it like for you during the war? (mp3)

Grandma, What happened to the other families homes? (mp3)

Grandpa, How many Internment Camps were there? (mp3)

Here are two photos that my grandpa had from his childhood:


What would you do if you were put into an interment camp?

 Do you have any more information about any interment camps?

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