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Free Rice, Student Blogging Challenge #4

April 1, 2012 by Ethan · 15 Comments · Games, Learning, Student Blogging Challenge

How I participated in the forth challenge. I went to Free Rice and  I got 2160 grains of rice. Below is how many I got today and how much I got in all.  When I do this I feel very good because I am 

making a difference  in life. I like how young kids (like me) can make a difference in life. I love Free Rice because it helps others and ourselves learn.



Have you been to Free Rice?

How many grains have you gotten?

Do you feel like you making a difference n life?



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Among The Hidden, Book Review

March 8, 2012 by Ethan · 2 Comments · Books, Learning

Among the Hidden is by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This book is about a boy that is a third child, named Luke (third children are outlawed). In the beginning of the book Luke was dieing to go outside. He was always able to go outside and help on the farm and play. He could do that all the time, until people were cutting down trees and building houses there. This was horrible for Luke. Now that people were outside Luke’s family had to keep the blinds shut and Luke now had to eat at the bottom of the stairs. That later that day Luke was keeping track who was in and out of their houses, when everyone in a house was out of it he saw a face in a window. He thought to himself “was that another third child? Who could that be?” He was tempted to go over to that house and see if that face was just real. The next week he went over to the house to see if the face was real.

Is the face real?

What will happen next?

Will he meet anyone?

If so, how will he or she react?

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Spelling Bee

December 8, 2011 by Ethan · 5 Comments · Learning, Life

Some rights reserved by pgcummings

I was in the spelling bee today. I got to the sixth round, but then they had to figure out who was going to be fifth and sixth place. So, I got to go to the seventh round.

Last year, I got to the second round in the spelling bee, I froze because I didn’t know the word that the teacher told me to spell. I was really happy today when I got past the second round.

I tried again this year even though I froze last year. I felt really happy that I tried again.

Have you ever been in a spelling bee?

How did you do?

Have you tried to try again at something you didn’t do so well in?

How did you feel when you tried again?

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Creativity Challenge #7

October 30, 2011 by Ethan · 5 Comments · Art, Learning, Student Blogging Challenge, Technology

For Challenge 7, we had a list of sites to visit and explore. It was fun because even though my class is not blogging, 5th grade math teacher is, so we got to explore these site in her class too. This is the website that is called On this site you can make a bunch of different things. I made just a bunch of mountains.

I thought also that Fantastic Contraption was fun also. It involves science in it. Here is a Screenr video on a level on Fantastic Contraption.

What were your favorites?

Did you like Fantastic Contraption and This is Sand?

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Seive of Eratosthenes

September 26, 2011 by Tracy Watanabe · No Comments · Learning, Math


I will be telling you how to figure out how to do the Sieve of Eratosthenes and that will help you to figure out the prime and composite numbers in between 1 and a 100.

The first step is to make a circle around the number 2.

The second step is to start on the number 4 skip count by 2s till 100 and make an x on every number.

The third step is to circle the number three.

The forth step is to start on the number 6 skip count by 3s till 100 and make an x on every number.

The fifth step is to circle the number 5.

The sixth step is to start on the number 10 skip count by 5s till 100 and make an x on every number

The seventh step is to circle the number 7.

The eighth step is to start on the number 14 skip count by 7s till 100 and make an x on every number.

If you do this. These will be your prime numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, and 97.

Here’s a link that will bring you to a Seive of Eratosthenes that goes from 2 to 400.

Did this help you on prime and composite numbers?

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The Revolutionary War

September 26, 2011 by Tracy Watanabe · 2 Comments · Games, Learning

I’m just learning about the Revolutionary War. Mrs. Hamman gave me the idea for Mission US. Mission US is about the Revolutionary War. You get to be part of the game, which takes place in the American Revolutionary War.

I learned more about the Revolutionary War when I went there.

Have you played Mission US before?

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Math Lattice Method

September 7, 2011 by Tracy Watanabe · 2 Comments · Learning, Math

In math there are different ways to solve problems. The lattice method is an example of another way to do multiplication. I think it is easier.

Step 1:

If you need help on a multiplication problem like 567 times 432 make a three by three grid.

Step 2:

Then Draw a line in every box  from the top right to the bottom left corner.

Step 3:

On  the top and side write down the multiplication problem.

Step 4:

In each box you will need to multiply the number that is above it and to the side of it.

Step 5:

Now you will need to draw lines diagonally from the grid.

Step 6:

Finally, you will need to add up the line that is diagonally, and then you will get the answer.

If you follow these steps you can easily finish a multiplication problem. You can do this on any multiplication problem.

To watch a YouTube video on the lattice method, click here.

Did this help you in any way?

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Student Blog Challange

August 25, 2011 by Tracy Watanabe · 3 Comments · Digital Citizenship, Learning, Life

Hi everybody, I’m participating in the student blogging challenge. I’ll be posting more stuff for the blogging challenge.  I’ll be back soon.

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Tip for animation

April 16, 2011 by Tracy Watanabe · 6 Comments · Learning

Use DoInk to make pictures in animation.

Erosion made at DoInk (ErosionRemember to click the links to see it).

Tip: If you are not 13, ask a teacher to log into it for you to create an animation for school.

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