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Student Blogging Challenge #7 My Four Best Posts

April 24, 2013 by Ethan · 13 Comments · Student Blogging Challenge

I’m going to list my four best posts. These will not be by greatest to least. It will be from what ever order that I choose them in. I’m going to choose four of my best posts that are about: history, book reviews, The Student Blogging Challenge, and my best post!

My best one on history is, Interviewing My Grandpa, Student Blogging Challenge #8

I chose this post, because it tells about my grandpa’s personal experience in history. It also has some questions that I put their and his answer.

My Best one on book reviews is, Among The Hidden, Book Review

I chose this post, because this could happen in the future. Also it has expense and it pulls you in because you want to know what happens next. This book has a series of 7 books.

My best one on The Student Blogging Challenge is, 10 Different People, Student Blogging Challenge #1

I chose this post, because it has ten different people in history, and I think it has great questions about some people and we wouldn’t know about that if they weren’t asked.

My best one is, New Year with Mr. Davo Devil

I chose this post as my best one, because I had a lot of fun with him. Also because it has a lot of different things that I like to do! Finally this all happened on The New Year!!!

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Do you think that these are good posts?

What four posts do you think are the best?

If you have a blog can you tell me your four favorite posts?

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  • Adriel

    COOL BLOG…. I like it. I PLAY MINECRAFT ALOT TOO, But i have the xbox version. I want to buy the PC but I can’t. 🙁

  • Juliana

    Dear Ethan,
    I really enjoyed reading your four best blog post. I really loved all four of them! I had a really hard time deciding which one is the best! I think New Year with Mr. Davo Devil is the best of them all! My four best blog post are:
    Ten things you may not know about me!
    10 Pictures Of……
    What Can You Do With A Sock That Has Holes?
    and My Life As A Pianist!!

    P.S. visit my blog!

  • Marielle

    Hi Ethan!
    Your four best blog post was very interesting. I really enjoyed reading them. I think theInterviewing My Grandpa was the best! My four best blog posts are:
    1. My Personal Flag
    2. Of Mice and Men Essay (just walk beside me and be my friend)
    3. Each star has its own story
    4.Alameda Food Bank Can Save A Life

    • Ethan

      Hello Marielle,

      Thank you for the compliment. If you could leave me comment telling me your URL to your blog, I would read those four posts! Thank you for commenting on my blog,


  • Caroline

    Hi Ethan,

    Wow… I am very impressed by your blog. You do a great job with all your posts, but I especially liked New Year with Mr. Davo Devil. You are a great writer. Keep it up! I would love if you would visit my blog.


  • Sarah

    Dear Ethan,

    It was hard for me to decide which was my favorite. I really enjoyed the post about interviewing your Grandpa because I think that the Japanese internment camp stories are important and they should be told. I liked your post about Among the Hidden because it make me want to read it. I liked the 10 people post because you chose some very interesting people. I also really liked your New Years post but I think my favorite would have to be the 10 people post because I just love reading them.

    • Ethan

      Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for coming to my blog. I like all of my posts and it was really hard for me to chose which ones were my favorite. I love the interment camp was also a good one.


  • kaden

    I love George Washington.

  • chris

    I also wondered why Albert Einstein left school to.

  • Jaden

    I think all of those posts are very interesting! I just made my 3rd Ultimate Blogging Challenge. I would love it if you would join!

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