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10 Different People Student Blogging Challenge #1

March 6, 2013 by Ethan · 7 Comments · Life, Student Blogging Challenge

Student Challenge #1 asks, “If you could meet 10 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Make a list of the people and include one question you would ask them in an interview. You cannot repeat the same question.”

These are the ten people that I would like to ask:

George Washington = When did  you feel that you wanted independence?

Martin Luther King Jr. = When did you first think about equal rights?

Albert Einstein = Why did you quit school to become a scientist?

William Shakespeare = What inspired you to become a poet?

Isaac Newton = How did you figure out the rules of motion when no one else could?

Abraham Lincoln = What goaded you to free the enslaved?

Christopher Columbus = When you first explored America, what did you do first?

Ben Franklin = When you experimented with lighting, did you have any safety precautions?

Thomas Jefferson = How did you feel when you wrote The Declaration of Independence?

Harriet Tubman = What would you have done if someone caught you while you were leading others to the next stop?


Would you pick these people and why?

Who would you pick?

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  • Helen Onyshchenko

    Hi Ethan,
    I’d pick Albert Einstein and ask him to give me some tips on teaching children to think outside the box. :)

    I’m Mrs.O from Ukraine and I’m also mentoring a group of 9 y.o. students in this challenge. I’m trying to keep the track of the new posts written by students and created a board for this. You can recommend it to your students for commenting!

    Good luck,
    Helen O.

  • Anthony

    I would choose all of them especially Shakespere and George Washington. I would pick these people because they are a part of history. Could you visit my blog at

  • pantera

    I would pick George Washington = When did you feel that you wanted independence? Because why did he want indepencance ??

    • Ethan

      Hello Pantera,

      I do not know why he wanted independence. I really wonder what he would have said. Thank you for coming to my blog.


  • Rheeza

    Hi Ethan !
    I like how all of the people that you chose to question played an important role in US history . If I had to choose one from your list to ask a question , I would choose Harriet Tubman . I think that she was really brave for going back to help the slaves gain their freedom again . I don’t really know what I would ask her though ..
    ~ Rheeza
    my blog ;;

    • Ethan

      Hello Rheeza,

      I also think Harriet Tubman was really brave for going back. I picked those people because they had a very important role in history. Thank you for coming to my blog.


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