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Book review of “A Mutiny in Time”

December 20, 2012 by Ethan · 3 Comments · Books



This what the cover is.

A Mutiny in Time is the first book of the series The Infinity Ring. This books author of this book is also a author in The 39 Clues series. So if you like the 39 clues series you will most likely like this book to. In the beginning of this book there are two groups one is the SQ these people are the bad guys and there are the Historians which are the good guys. In this book there are two friends their names are Dak Smyth and Sera Froste. They help Dak’s parents make a time portal called an infinity ring.  They go back in time and Dak’s parents get kidnapped. Then they go back to the present. They goto the Historians. Dak and Sera tell the Historians everything. The SQ break in the Historians HQ. Dak and Sera get accompanied by Riq. Riq is a Historian. They have to fix a period in time that got messed with called a break. What is break about you might ask me. Well get the book to find out! James Dashner is the author of this book.


Have you read The 39 Clues books?

If so, what do you like about them?

Do you think you would like this book?

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  • Agrodut Mandal

    I think this needed to be longer – the amount of time setting up the conceit of a world on the brink of a Cataclysm, run by the SQ and bearing a resemblance to our world but missing in many ways detracted from the first of Dak and Sera’s missions, to stop the mutiny aboard Christopher Colombus’ ship.

    Agrodut Mandal
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    • Ethan

      Hello Agrodut,

      Yes, that is an important part of the story. I just wanted to give out a little of the story. I did this so people didn’t get a lot of the story, but just the main parts. Thank you for the comment.


  • chris

    Even though I didn’t like the 39 clues I like this series because it isn’t just a fiction it as some facts about the past. Plus with the code that comes with the book you can go online and fix the great breaks yourself.

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