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Among The Hidden, Book Review

March 8, 2012 by Ethan · 2 Comments · Books, Learning

Among the Hidden is by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This book is about a boy that is a third child, named Luke (third children are outlawed). In the beginning of the book Luke was dieing to go outside. He was always able to go outside and help on the farm and play. He could do that all the time, until people were cutting down trees and building houses there. This was horrible for Luke. Now that people were outside Luke’s family had to keep the blinds shut and Luke now had to eat at the bottom of the stairs. That later that day Luke was keeping track who was in and out of their houses, when everyone in a house was out of it he saw a face in a window. He thought to himself “was that another third child? Who could that be?” He was tempted to go over to that house and see if that face was just real. The next week he went over to the house to see if the face was real.

Is the face real?

What will happen next?

Will he meet anyone?

If so, how will he or she react?


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