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Math Lattice Method

September 7, 2011 by Tracy Watanabe · 2 Comments · Learning, Math

In math there are different ways to solve problems. The lattice method is an example of another way to do multiplication. I think it is easier.

Step 1:

If you need help on a multiplication problem like 567 times 432 make a three by three grid.

Step 2:

Then Draw a line in every box  from the top right to the bottom left corner.

Step 3:

On  the top and side write down the multiplication problem.

Step 4:

In each box you will need to multiply the number that is above it and to the side of it.

Step 5:

Now you will need to draw lines diagonally from the grid.

Step 6:

Finally, you will need to add up the line that is diagonally, and then you will get the answer.

If you follow these steps you can easily finish a multiplication problem. You can do this on any multiplication problem.

To watch a YouTube video on the lattice method, click here.

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