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Warriors Into the Wild

April 16, 2011 by Tracy Watanabe · No Comments · Books

This book is about cats that live in the wild. Rusty is a cat in a twolegplace, he Picture 1goes out to hunt a mouse for fun, and soon discovers  there are cats that live in the woods. Rusty gets attacked by Graypaw (a cat in ThunderClan) Rusty beats Graypaw, the leader of ThunderClan (Bulestar) saw this and offers a invitation into ThunderClan. The next day Rusty waits for someone from ThunderClan, Whitestorm and Lionheart lead Rusty into ThunderClan. Rusty beats Lionheart and leaves a scar on the ear, now Rusty gets a new name Firepaw, Firepaw finds a new friend Ravenpaw and finds out that Redtail dies (ThunderClans Deputy). Now what will come next as the adventure continues, will Firepaw stay or will he go back as a soft kittypet life…

I would prefer this book.


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