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Tip for animation

April 16, 2011 by Tracy Watanabe · 6 Comments · Learning

Use DoInk to make pictures in animation.

Erosion made at DoInk (ErosionRemember to click the links to see it).

Tip: If you are not 13, ask a teacher to log into it for you to create an animation for school.

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  • Kevin Tanner

    Hi Ethan – This is a very impressive blog! I can tell you worked very hard on it. Keep up the great work and I hope we can find a time for you to visit one of these days. Maybe this summer. – Kevin

  • Miss W.

    Dear Ethan,

    Thanks for registering for the September student blogging challenge. Make sure you visit the blog every week beginning September 12, when the first challenge will be published. If you want a reminder sent to your email each week, use the “Subscribe by email” on the right sidebar of the blog. Also make sure you visit blogs from other students around the world with your interests.

    Miss Wyatt or tasteach – challenge organizer

  • danielmb2

    Hey Ethan, it’s Daniel. I like the Doink, It just takes a while to load. What is are favourite things to do? Just wandering.

    • gamekid

      Hey Daniel, my favorite things to do are play soccer, video games, circuits, and e-rector sets. What about you?

      I noticed you spelled favourite with a u in it. In the United States, we spell it without the u. Did you know that? Do you do that with other words?


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