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Posted on March 22, 2014 at 7:52 pm by and tagged

Be safe on the Internet by not giving away personal information.

Are you safe with your personal information?

Is there any other personal information you should keep safe?

Be respectful on the Internet because if you are not it might hurt someone’s feelings and they might think you are a cyber bully.


Have you ever hurt anyone’s feelings?

Do you think about empathy?

I wrote this post for Student Blogging Challenge #3.

Comments so far:

  1. Link Here | March 23, 2014,

    Hi there Em,

    I think we have met before. I’m Emily with the blog. Anyhoo, I really LOVE looking at your blog. You write really good for your age. I have been doing the blogging challenge since I was about 1st or 2nd grade.
    I like how you use voki’s sometimes. I think that that is something creative that you’ve added to your blog. I’ll be looking at your blog some more.

    Keep up the great work! Your Friend, Emily/AGE
    maybe you could check out my blog. 🙂

    Emily Fay

    • Link Here | March 23, 2014,

      Hi Emily,

      I liked your blog. It looked cool. Was that you in the baseball picture?


        Em |    Reply

  2. Link Here | April 15, 2014,

    Hi Em,

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’m 10 turning 11 next week. I personally haven’t hurt anyone’s feelings but recently someone has hurt my feelings. You should come and check out my blog some time:



  3. Link Here | November 18, 2014,

    Hi Emily,

    I liked your blog . And I also like the topics that you came up with because some of those thing are very important . I am very touched by your blog.



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