Places I Like to Visit in the USA
Posted on September 15, 2013 at 3:02 pm by and

I’m sharing great vacation places in the USA.

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto. My video link.

You can view my Google Maps.

[map id=”1″]

 Have you been to these places?

What do you like about these places?

Comments so far:

  1. Link Here | September 16, 2013,

    G’day Em,

    I noticed mum has shown you how to add Google maps to your post. I tried to watch your animoto but apparently it wont load properly. You might need to check it out again.

    Miss W.

    • Link Here | September 19, 2013,

      Hi Miss W,

      Do you think you can’t view it from an iPad but can from a computer? I put a link under it to press.


        Em |    Reply

  2. Link Here | September 19, 2013,

    Hello Em
    I am very sorry but i have never visited any of those places but if i could i would. You sound like a very lovely person i would love to blog with you i will tell you what my blogs name is at the end of my comment. I love your theme for your blog it is very nice. I also love how you have set out your blog. I love all your posts they all have very good info and are very interesting. If you would like to know but you might not but i am 10 years old turning 11 next year you can find out more stuff about me when you look at my blog on my all about me. You sound very interesting. I live in Northen Tasmania so you should be a sleep when im awake. What i like about those places is they just sound very interesting sorry i did not give you very much about that. My blog name is
    you dont have to visit it but if you would like to it would be a preshiated and i would love to be your blogging buddy. find out more about me at my blog
    Bye, Mackenzie


    • Link Here | September 22, 2013,

      Dear Mackenzie,

      I really liked your comment and your blog. I like your blog with the wolf. My mom and dad used to have a dog that was part wolf.

      I have never been to Australia. What’s your favorite place to go to?


        Em |    Reply

  3. Link Here | September 19, 2013,

    Hi Em
    I like your blog. No I have not been to America because I’m in Australia.
    Goodbye, Gabby


    • Link Here | September 20, 2013,

      To Gabby,

      Hi Gabby. Do you have a blog? I haven’t been to Australia. I’ve been to places in the USA and to Mexico.


        Em |    Reply

  4. Link Here | September 19, 2013,

    Hey Em,
    I have never been to the USA because I live in Australia. I like the look of the USA. I like the American accent better than our Australian accent.
    please leave a comment on my blog at:


    • Link Here | September 20, 2013,

      Dear Jacob,

      I have never been to Australia because I live in the USA, which stands for the United States of America, but you probably knew that. I like your accent too. When I went on your blog, your clown was funny.

      Your blogging friend,

        Em |    Reply

  5. Link Here | September 19, 2013,

    Hi Em
    I really like your blog I have never been to america but would like too. I really like the staute of libreaty it looks very nice and facantanating.I would love to visit the grand canyon aswell its so big a rocky.I have never heard about the rest of the places you have visted but im sure they would be all fantasic places. please go and visit my blog some time soon here is a link to it
    Bye Caitlin
    p.s please reply


    • Link Here | September 22, 2013,

      Hi Caitlin,

      I liked the Statue of Liberty because we got to see it really close from a boat. I couldn’t actually go to the Statue of Liberty island because it was still being repaired from Hurricane Sandy.

      What are some great places in Australia?


        Em |    Reply

  6. Link Here | September 22, 2013,

    Dear Em,
    My name is Helen and I’m your mentor in this Student Blogging Challenge. I hope you will enjoy taking part in the challenge, write lots of awesome posts and comments, meet new friends from around the globe and learn some new interesting things along the way!
    Here’s a link to my class blog should you need any help:

    Looking forward to reading your posts,
    Helen O.

    Helen O.

  7. Link Here | September 22, 2013,

    Dear Helen O.,

    Thanks for being my mentor. I went to your blog and really liked the video I saw.


      Em |    Reply

  8. Link Here | September 12, 2014,

    I have also wanted to go to the Grand Canyon Village for a long time. It is probably a great place.



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