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Posted on April 12, 2013 at 11:27 pm by and

For the Student Blogging Challenge #5, I am preparing for a commenting game that Miss W will have us play in the future. I get to pick the most interesting (or my favorite) posts. I had a hard time naming just four, so I picked six. Here they are:


1. I Want to Visit Japan

2. The Tooth Fairy Visited Me!

3. Tide Pools

4. Cyber Bullying

5. Tarantulas, Eights, and Student Challenge #5 (2012)

6. Em’s Edublog Nominations

Miss W and me

Here are some others of my favorites:

About Me
Vegemite Power
Happy Halloween
Christmas Time

What do you think is my most interesting post?

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What makes it interesting?

Comments so far:

  1. Link Here | May 6, 2013,

    Hey Em,

    I love your blog. My favorite post that you have done is the about me. There are so many things that make it so interesting. The thing that I think is the most interesting is that it is nice to learn interesting things about you because I do not know much about you.

    Visit my blog @

    What is your favorite movie?

    Have you seen the movie Reck It Ralph?

    If you have, who is your favorite character?



    • Link Here | May 9, 2013,

      To Abby,

      My favorite character in Wreck It Ralph is Wreck It Ralph because he was a nice guy. I like when the part when he became friends with the girl. I like it when he was trying to save the world and he did, and I like that part.

      Who is your favorite character? What is your favorite part?


        Em |    Reply

  2. Link Here | May 7, 2013,

    The tarantulas would probly make me go bonkers.What was the biggest tarantula you have seen?

    Jack B.

    • Link Here | May 9, 2013,

      To Jack,

      The biggest tarantula I’ve seen is the one in our back yard. It was as big as my whole hand. Have you ever seen a tarantula? Do tarantulas live where you are?

      Do you have a blog?


        Em |    Reply

  3. Link Here | May 8, 2013,

    I really like your blog , it is so enriched , and i agree with “ABBYHK ” i think that the post “about me ” is the most interesting post because it represent you and it let us now more about you 😉 keep it up
    this is the link of my blog , take a look and leave comment 😉 thank you 🙂


    • Link Here | May 9, 2013,

      Dear Wiem,

      Thanks for saying that. It really me feel great.

      I went to your blog too and it looked grown up. Are you a grown up or are you a teenager or a kid?


        Em |    Reply

  4. Link Here | June 4, 2013,


    I am very impressed with your blog. I love all of the varied posts you put up. There is something interesting for everyone to read. I think I like the tarantula one the best. It is probably because I can relate to them since I live in the same environment as them. I got some really great pictures of a tarantula at school about two months ago. I will have to share them with you when I see you next.

    Would you mind if I included your site on my blog roll? I think it would be great to show my students when school starts in August. I hope you have a great summer. Does your family have any wonderful traveling plans?

    Mrs. Fraher


  5. Link Here | June 8, 2013,

    To Mrs. Fraher,
    You can put my blog on your blog. I like tarantulas. I am going to New York and California. I am a excited to go to New York and California. I will visit my grandparents. Are you going anywhere this summer?

      Em |    Reply


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