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For Student Blogging Challenge #1, I want to update my About Me page and change one of the pictures. I want to take off the picture of me with the star fish. Which picture should I put there instead?

1. Here I am with a nice smile.
“A nice smile.”

2. I’m being goofy. I put my shin guards on my head and pretended they were ears.
“Goofy me.”

3. A picture of me playing soccer.
“Soccer me.”

4. I love drawing and art.
“Artist me.”

Please vote to tell me which one you think I should use:

What do you like on About Me pages?

Comments so far:

  1. Link Here | March 4, 2012,

    >I'm on my iPad, so the poll doesn't work. I'd say, use the one where you're smiling.

    Brianna G

  2. Link Here | March 4, 2012,

    >Dear Brianna,

    Thanks for commenting. I am glad you told me your vote.



  3. Link Here | March 5, 2012,

    >Hi Em, what about using several of the photos? I think all the photos are good and it would mean you could write more information.

    I would go with the smile, soccer and artist one.

    Great idea of a post to engage readers!

    Sue Waters

  4. Link Here | March 6, 2012,

    >Hi Ms. Waters,

    Thank you. I like your idea.



  5. Link Here | March 6, 2012,

    >I really liked the "goofy" picture. It's fun, and it made me smile. It's the kind of thing that I would do as a kid. I could try it now with my hockey shin-guards…but they're pretty smelly!


  6. Link Here | March 6, 2012,

    >I'm glad you liked it. I like it too because it was fun. I was sitting at my brother's soccer game and had nothing to do. So, I went through my soccer bag to see what I had with me. Once I figured out my shin guards could be part of a costume, I had fun by pretending I was an alien puppy from outer space.

    Thanks for commenting.



  7. Link Here | March 13, 2012,

    >Hi Em, My name is Paloma and I just wanted to ask if where you lived was very ancient and small, or not that old and large. I hope you have fun blogging. 🙂

    – Paloma


  8. Link Here | March 13, 2012,

    >Hi Paloma,

    I think it's new and small here in our town, but there is a ghost town by us that is very small and very old.



  9. Link Here | March 15, 2012,

    >Hi Em! My name is Natalie. I am in sixth grade. I will be asking you 5 questions about your town/city.
    -Is it small?
    -How many people live there?
    -What's the most popular after school hangout?
    -What are the most common seen animals?
    -Are there any famous people from there?
    I hope you can answer them! Have fun blogging! 🙂


  10. Link Here | March 20, 2012,

    >Hi Em! It's me Natalie again. I love all of your pictures. But if I can only pick one, I would choose you with a nice smile. You look beautiful with a nice smile!


  11. Link Here | March 20, 2012,

    >Hey, Em! I wrote a post about your blog on my blog and you should know that it is always great to add a picture to your blog. So I was wondering if I could put a picture of you up. If you want to make sure I'm safe go to my blog at http://mjgds.org/students/briannag .

    Brianna G

  12. Link Here | September 12, 2012,

    >Hi Em! I love all of your pictures but the one I like the best is the one of you smiling.The reason why is because you have an amazing smile!!! 🙂


  13. Link Here | September 12, 2012,

    >Hi Michaela, awwwww that was so nice! If you want to keep blogging with me you can comment anytime.



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