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Do you know who I wanted to dress up as for Halloween? I wanted to dress as Mr. “Davo” Devil, but since I’m a girl and Mr. Davo is traveling with Miss W, I decided to dress as Mr. Davo’s cousin, Davida.

Carve A Pumpkin iPad App

Music attribution in Em’s Capzle Tutto l’amor perduto by Giorgio Costantini

I also got to play some Halloween games on our iPad. My favorites were:

Carve A Pumpkin iPad App

Tiny Zoo Friends — I really like this one a lot. You can buy trees, a house, animals, humans, and restaurants. You get your money by doing jobs and picking up the food. 

Tiny Zoo iPad App

I made so much art too! 

I loved my Halloween. 

What did you do for Halloween?
Do you like my costume?

Comments so far:

  1. Link Here | November 2, 2011,

    >G'day Em,
    You must be Davo's happy cousin with that big smile. Did you growl like a Tasmanian Devil when you went trick or treating?

    Miss W

  2. Link Here | November 2, 2011,

    I think it was great that you dressed as Davo's cousin for Halloween! You look great:) I can't wait to share your photo with my students. Miss W and Davo came to visit our classroom last week. We had fun meeting them and learning about their country. http://mrstinaschmidt.edublogs.org/2011/10/26/visit-from-davo-and-miss-w/

    Did you have fun trick or treating? We had an early snowfall last weekend so the kids had to walk around piles of snow on Halloween which was very strange. But at least it wasn't cancelled like some towns in Connecticut.

    Keep up the good work with your blog:)
    Mrs. Schmidt
    Teacher from Pennsylvania

    Mrs. Schmidt

  3. Link Here | November 2, 2011,

    >Hi Miss W,

    Here is my Audioboo reply to your comment.



  4. Link Here | November 2, 2011,

    >Hi Mrs. Schmidt,

    Here is my Audioboo reply to your comment.



  5. Link Here | November 5, 2011,

    >Hello Again Em,
    I loved listening your your Audioboo:) Glad to hear you had fun while trick or treating.

    My class tried Vegemite on Thursday. Check out my blog if you want to see photos and read their comments about how it tasted. They said to tell you it was salty like sea water.

    Mrs. Schmidt

    Mrs. Schmidt

  6. Link Here | November 6, 2011,

    >Awesome costume! What was your favorite candy that you got on Halloween? See you soon! love, Uncle Kirk

    Kirk…like Captain

  7. Link Here | November 13, 2011,

    >Dear Mrs. Schmidt,

    Thank you for your comment. I don't like sea water in my mouth.



  8. Link Here | November 13, 2011,

    >Dear Uncle Kirk,

    My favorite candies are Reese's, then Butterfingers, then Kit-Kats. But really, I love all of them, except I don't like Hot Tamales or spicy candy.

    When are you coming to visit? I miss you and I love you.



  9. Link Here | November 15, 2011,

    >Hi Em,
    This is a great costume! I think you are doing lots of fun things on your blog. I just discovered it. I bet you are one of the youngest students in the blogging challenge. Thanks for sharing your genius with the world!

    Enjoy Mr. Davo's visit. We enjoyed Miss W and Davo's visit to Iowa! We tried Vegemite too!

    Mrs. Krebs

    Denise Krebs

  10. Link Here | November 15, 2011,

    >Dear Mrs. Krebs,

    Thank you for putting a comment. Thank you.



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