“Bud, Not Buddy”

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Another great book is “Bud, Not Buddy”. This is the story of a 10-year-old boy who lives in an orphanage during the Depression. He is in the orphanage because his mother died and he has no other relatives. He thinks he knows who his father is but is not sure. All he knows for certain is that he was a musician. When his mom died, he found posters and other items that must have belonged to his dad. They were very important to her, so they became important to Bud also. As Bud is sent to a foster home, we see how strong he is in dealing with negative events, and we learn how sincere he is in wanting to find his father. When he escapes from one place, it is easy for the reader to feel sorry for Bud’s situation. The story of Bud switches back and forth between funny and sad and scary and daring. Reading this book will certainly keep your interest!

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This is my first attempt at blogging. I had a difficult time trying to decide what I should focus on, and then it hit me. How about a book review blog? I have a favorite book that I have read several times. I think you will enjoy reading it, too. I have read it to my classes now for about four years. After you read my book review, think of a book that you really enjoy, and add your comments about it to this blogging site. You may comment on mine, too, if you want.  I will be watching for your participation!

“Ollie, Ollie, In Come Free” by Nicole Rocheleau, is about a 6th grade (soon-to-be 7th grade) girl and some of her friends. The story begins with Emmy hiding in a tree while playing hide-and-seek. She finds that she is not able to get down out of the tree, and ends up falling on the boy that she has decided that she will marry, breaking his arm and knocking out her front tooth. Emmy tells the details of the whole ordeal in an interesting way, giving the reader a clear picture of 6th grade emotions, ideas, and friendships. There are lots of humorous things that happen to Emmy, her bestie, Ryan, and her future husband, Gavin, as well as her arch enemy, Buffy. This book definitely keeps your attention! It also grows…there are two other books about the same group of friends, seeing them through the 7th grade and then through the 8th grade. You are sure to enjoy them all.

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