These our our blogging guidelines and expectations:

  1. Students, parents, and teachers will identify the students by their first names only. (If a parent comments, please do not write your surname, which could identify your child’s last name. It should read, “Nancy, Beth’s mom” instead of “Nancy Smith, Beth’s mom.”)
  2. Be safe. Keep personal information private, such as your last name, phone number, and where you live.
  3. Be polite. Respectful comments are allowed.
  4. Proof-read comments are allowed. Use complete sentences with appropriate grammar.
  5. All comments submitted must have teacher approval first.
  6. Try to write comments that continue the conversation. (Click here for helpful hints).
  7. Write comments like a friendly letter with a greeting, the body or content, and the closing.
  8. Try to find comments you agree with or made an impact on you, then add to the discussion.

Creating quality comments:

Image by Tracy Watanabe CC by; based on Linda Yollis’ post

Video created by Mrs. Yollis and Class

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