What is Your Recipe for a Successful School Year?


Welcome to 2nd grade at Peralta Trail Elementary School. As we begin a new school year, we also begin a new theme throughout our school. Our theme this year is Recipe for Success. Each classroom teacher picked a restaurant style name for their classroom and our classroom will be SixCats Café. (Yes, I have six cats at home.) Using this name and the personalities of my cats, I have come up with a Recipe for Success to have a successful school year for students, parents, community members, as well as me.

Before I share my Recipe for Success, I would like to hear what your Recipe for Success for a successful school year would be. If you could please reply to this thread and share what you think makes a successful school year, I would appreciate it. Students, parents, community, and teacher all must work together for a successful school year so I would love to have your input.

Thank you. I look forward to a successful school year working together.


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