Emperor Penguins

Our class spent the last week learning about and researching Emperor Penguins. Please read below about the student’s experiences in a test we did trying to waddle with eggs.
NH Tucker


By Allie
We did an activity that involved us learning about how hard and difficult it is for a male penguin to carry the egg of a female emperor penguin. What we did was we had to have an egg. Then we had to give the egg to our partner without our hands. Then we had to walk as far as we could without dropping, breaking, or cracking our egg.

By Cassandra
My class just acted like a penguin. We had an egg and waddled. I only got like 2 inches. The teacher got like one step. Others got almost 6 inches. We also passed the eggs to each other. That is just as hard as waddling. It looks easy, but it is hard.

By Aneecia
We pretended that we were penguins. My partner had to give me the egg. Then we had to waddle all the way to the horseshoe table. The first try, I missed. Then my second try I was walking then I squished it. My partner and I had to stand across and I had the egg and I had to put it on my shoe and walk to her. The first try we messed up so we tried again and messed up. Then we did it and we showed the teacher that.

By Kaylynn
We had fake eggs and we put it on our feet to try and see how far we could go with our partners. My partner and I tried two times. I went farther than her. She laid the egg and she had to pass it to me without letting it touch the ground. We did it. Ours didn’t touch the ground because we got really close together so it didn’t fall off our feet. We dropped it a couple times. We did it 4 or 5 times. We were happy.

By Cole
What we just did was we put a fake egg on our feet and got to see how far we can go with the egg on our feet. Then one penguin had to waddle to our partner. It was really hard. Now I know how hard it is to be a penguin.

By Lincoln
We had to balance an egg on our feet because Emperor Penguins have to do that. We tried waddling with an egg. We even told our teacher facts about penguins.


By Kylee
We were acting like an Emperor Penguin. We had a fake egg and everyone tried it and they were with a partner. We were going and Mrs. Tucker tried it too. It was fun.

By Jewel
My partner and I put a fake egg in between our feet and waddled to our partner. We put it in between their feet. Then we switched sides. Then my partner waddled over and put the egg in between my feet without it falling or cracking.

By Anna
An emperor penguin is the biggest penguin. The father has a hard job that is to make sure that the egg is safe. But the father is lucky he gets to see the baby first. When the mother comes back, she gets sick and spits out the food. Then the father gets a vacation when the mother has the baby.

By Jack
I learned being a penguin is hard work. With an egg on our feet it is hard to do. It looks easy, but it is hard.


By Jayden and Devin
We were learning about Emperor Penguins and we started reading books. We tried to carry eggs on our feet like penguins. It’s very, very, very hard. You can try it at home.


By Julliet
We got an egg and put it between our feet and tried to pass it to our partner. If it cracks or falls, your baby penguin died. We tried it over and over back and forth.


3 Responses to “Emperor Penguins”

  1.   Emily, Easton's Mom
    March 3rd, 2014 | 8:55 pm       Reply

    Dear Mrs. Tucker’s Class,
    I liked reading about your adventures trying to act just like Emperor penguins!
    I especially liked that Mrs. Tucker even tried to carry the egg.
    Just like some of you said, it looks like it would be easy to do. I will have to try to do the thongs you explained and see for myself just how hard they really are.
    Thank you for sharing your learning experience with penguins!!
    Emily, Easton’s Mom

    •   Mrs. Tucker's Class
      March 6th, 2014 | 1:08 pm       Reply

      Dear Emily, Easton’s Mom,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog.

      How hard do you think it will be?

      Have you tried this yet? Can you please share pictures? Easton said he will take a video for us.

      Good luck,
      Mrs. Tucker’s 2nd Grade Class

  2.   Cassandra
    April 15th, 2014 | 8:32 pm       Reply

    The Emperor Penguin thingy was fun but hard to do. If you were a penguin do you think you would be able to carry an egg that long or do you think you would be a good father or a good mother? Would you baby chicks ALWAYS Want food or fish?

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