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Safety Online

• August 24, 2012

Welcome to a new school year! As part of your digital citizenship, it’s important to understand the responsibilities of being safe and making good choices online. Before we talk about Internet safety, it’s important to know what our Internet habits and safety understandings are. Would you please complete this survey? Get your own Poll! Get […]

Cyber Bullying

• February 29, 2012

What types of bullies are there in the physical world? How are those the same and different from bullies in the online world? See this site. What would you do in this scenario: Tracie loves to send instant messages after school. However, yesterday she got some IMs from a person who was threatening her. The […]

Internet Safety: The good, the bad, and the ugly about the Internet

• December 14, 2011

In the following presentation, you will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly on the Internet. You need to be aware of the bad and the ugly on the Internet, in order to stick with the good. What did you learn? How will knowing the bad and the ugly help you focus on the […]

Online Identity

• October 25, 2011

In this lesson, we will focus on your online identity. Specifically, we’ll look at your screen names, passwords, and you’ll make some guidelines and safety resolutions. What did you learn about screen names and passwords? Why is it important to think about those things?


• October 24, 2011

Based on class conversation, the majority of the students did not know what the several of iSafe PreAssessment questions meant. What are you curious about with this topic?

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