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Digital Dossier and your Digital Footprint

It is very important to understand that you have a digital dossier, or digital footprint, and what that means.

Please click to read Digital Dossier, written by Mrs. Bliss’ 5th graders.

Here is a great video called Digital Dossier by DigitalNatives, that Mrs. Bliss’ class watched during the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge #3 about your digital dossier:

Building a positive and safe digital dossier is important. Your digital dossier stays with you forever, even after you are deceased. It stays with you, even if you delete something you regretted posting.

Your digital dossier can affect your future. It can affect whether or not you get a scholarship or a job. It can affect what people think about you and what they know about you.

What does your digital dossier say about you?

How can you build a positive and safe digital dossier?

~ by Tracy Watanabe on December 14, 2011 .

29 Responses to “Digital Dossier and your Digital Footprint”

  1.   A. A. Says:

    My digital dossier says that I am very honest and don’t like mistakes or hypocrites. Such as if someone on Facebook likes their own status, comment, picture, ect.., than I will automatically assume that they are conceited. I will give you my honest opinion.

  2.   Bobby B. Says:

    My digital dossier says what kind of person I am. It tells what I say on Facebook. It says the what I do on Facebook.

    To build a safe digital dossier, I can go on secure sites. I can not do bad things on Facebook. Don’t talk to people I don’t know. Don’t give out your address. Don’t give out your full name.

  3.   w j Says:

    your digital dossier tells you about you.it says what you have bought said online

  4.   L C Says:

    My digital dossier says I make mistakes but no matter who you are I will defend you. It also says that I’m funny and out going. It also says that I’m athletic and I love my family.

    To build a safe digital dossier don’t put anything on the Internet that you would be scared to say in front of the president. Don’t put anything on there that you would be embarrassed of. Don’t put anything on there that would make you not be able to get a good job. Don’t put your last name or the year you were born. What ever you do, do not give out your social security number.

  5.   B N Says:

    My digital dossier is important because it is all my information from a baby to grave and beyond.

  6.   bodhi c w Says:

    my digital Clarissa saves all of are date every single little thing to

  7.   Alysia Says:

    My Digital Dossier is something that practically follows you it has your personal information like birthday,age,gender,what you look like,NAME,address (if you have put it into an unsafe website),phone number, websites you have signed up for,and maybe your family members.

  8.   J M Says:

    My Digital Dossier tell were I was born.It has what you say. What you bought.
    To build a save Digital Dossier don’t give personal information.Use a fake name.Keep your privacy.Don’t tell them where you live or sleep.Don’t tell them were you live.

  9.   AP Says:

    My digital Dossier says i will defend you. It also says im not rude im Polite. And who i am and What im about.

    I can build a positive and safe Dossier by not putting things on the Internet if you’ll Regret, Be embarrassed Or be scared to say or do. Dont put personal Information on the Web. Dont be rude to anyone you don’t know. Be respectful to one an other on the web. Dont lie about your self or put your Number or Social Security number on line.

  10.   AA Says:

    My digital dossier says what I buy, where I live, what I look like, my name, my family members, everything possible that I have posted on the website, is what my digital dossier sums up. Also my personality and vocabulary.

    I think ways to build a clean digital dossier is by polishing what you say before you say it. Which also means reading it aloud to see if it makes sense, and deciding whether or not someone could find it offending. Also by not putting all of your personal information on sites. Another way to build a safe and clean digital dossier is by encouraging those you know, and being polite to those you don’t.

  11.   AS Says:

    My digital dossier tells everything about me. It has where I live and what sites I’ve gone onto. It tells what I have posted on sites, sites that I’ve gone onto. It has everything about me that has been put on the Internet.

    You can build a positive and safe dossier by not putting bad things on the Internet. Also stay away from inappropriate things. Be respectful when you comment on things. Don’t give out any personal information about yourself. Don’t do or look up anything that would be harmful for you on the Internet.

  12.   WJ Says:

    Your digital dossier tells you about your life.It says your grades your online what you buy.Anyone can access your digital dossier.

  13.   NVE Says:

    My Digital Dossier says about me, that it tracks and holds my records of what Ive done on the Internet in the past. Plus it tells where Ive have lived in previous house and what Ive bought all kinds of stuff that has been all on the Internet in some time of my life. That is what I know about my Digital Dossier.

    I can build a safe Digital Dossier if I be careful on the Internet and don’t sign up for things I don’t know much about. You really don’t want to give out personal information, that might get you in big trouble. You can build positive Digital Dossier by saying nice things on the web and not being mean.

  14.   Cody F. Says:

    My digital dossier says how I lived my life, and what hospital I was born at. It also says what I posted on Facebook, MySpace, (ect.). It also says what schools I’ve gone to.

    I can build a positive dossier by watching what i post online. I can also watch what i buy with my credit card. I need to watch out for this because an employer may look at anything I’ve done online. I can also make a positive dossier by giving people uplifting comments. A positive dossier is important to have for those reasons

  15.   N.D. Says:

    All about my life.
    Be safe and ask an adult.

  16.   L.G. Says:

    My digital dossier says things about my life. For example they can see where I went to school, teachers, and where i lived and thats barely anything my digital dossier says. my digital dossier even helps me get a job because the manger can look me up and tell if I have the job.

  17.   reevo w. Says:

    My digital dossier I learned that whatever you do on the computer it will be recorded on your digital dossier.And that don’t put anything thats personal online.Plus don’t put your credit card number on unsecured sites.

    To build a safe digital dossier the first thing you want to do is not to go on inappropriate sites.Also you want to make sure you buy things that are appropriate.

  18.   Miya M. Says:

    My digital dossier is I was born in Arizona, When I was 11 years old I jumped off a 70 foot cliff. And I’ve been to Tennessee.
    TO build a safe environment on the Internet don’t put your full name on the Internet. Also don’t give out personal information. Don’t make people mad on the Internet to the point where they would want to hack in to your account or track you down..Also don’t talk to strangers.!

  19.   A.G. Says:

    My digital dossier tells were I have lived and were I live, my personal informations, everything I have said on websites, what I have bought. Also it tells my grades, my credit card anything under my name it shows it. It also shows the things on any other website I have been in all the comments likes everything.

    To build a safer dossier people should not put all there information and there full name were they live and there social security number. And don’t put you’re phone number or you’re address. When you see that people are getting mad, don’t say anything else that might make them even more upset. Because sometimes they might want to track you and might hack you. So be careful on what you do in the Internet and also don’t spam!!!!

  20.   J.Y. Says:

    My digital dossier tells about your life, where you lived, and what you have bought with a credit card. It also, tells your grades, what schools you have gone to. Your digital dossier also tells you where someone was born and where they go to for the doctor.

    You can make your digital dossier safe by using only your first name or a fake name. Do not use text language such as (l8tr) for later. Do not put personal information on your email. Be funny, but not to sarcastic. Make sure you check spelling before you send something. Also, Don’t make rude comments.

  21.   J.C. Says:

    My digital dossier says that I am a nice person. It gives your dad’s name and your mom’s name. I signed in to a couple of websites for like games and cool stuff that I like to do. I have not bought a game online for nothing, maybe my mom has bought some stuff, but I don’t know.

    I build a safe digital dossier is to not put your last or first name. Don’t give out any personal information. Don’t put where you live or if you live in any country or state.If you even tell them where you live like in Phoenix they can track you down fast. Those people out there are people that want bad things about you. You should always never add a friend on any site, unless you know them really good.Some people say there your friend and trick you so they can find out where you are, if any one asks you your phone number, or where you live or your street or anything call the police, or you can just tell a parent gradient or some one that cares.

  22.   wyatt j Says:

    We learned about viruses and how to avoid them.Know the bad will help us avoid it and stay on the good.

  23.   Alaina S Says:

    1. We learned about bad things on the Internet like pop-ups.
    2. Knowing about the ugly and the bad will help you focus on the good because then you know what to keep away from.
    3. Is there anything else that is bad.

  24.   Justin S. Says:

    1. I learned that pop-ups can have a virus in the x.

    2. Knowing how to help be safe from a virus will help me use the Internet safely.

    3. How can I be completely protected from a virus?

  25.   george Says:

    I learned that exiting out of pop up might give you a virus so you have to restart. the good and the bad tought me that i should keep personal information about my life.

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