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Archive for December, 2011

Digital Dossier and your Digital Footprint

• December 14, 2011

It is very important to understand that you have a digital dossier, or digital footprint, and what that means. Please click to read Digital Dossier, written by Mrs. Bliss’ 5th graders. Here is a great video called Digital Dossier by DigitalNatives, that Mrs. Bliss’ class watched during the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge #3 about your […]

Internet Safety: The good, the bad, and the ugly about the Internet

• December 14, 2011

In the following presentation, you will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly on the Internet. You need to be aware of the bad and the ugly on the Internet, in order to stick with the good. What did you learn? How will knowing the bad and the ugly help you focus on the […]

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