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Online Identity

In this lesson, we will focus on your online identity. Specifically, we’ll look at your screen names, passwords, and you’ll make some guidelines and safety resolutions.

What did you learn about screen names and passwords?

Why is it important to think about those things?

~ by Tracy Watanabe on October 25, 2011 .

15 Responses to “Online Identity”

  1.   Carsyn Likes Band Camp Says:

    We don’t need to be so cautious about passwords, only because we get on pretty much harmless stuff, not like banking accounts, or anything that could actually harm us.


    •   Tracy Watanabe Says:

      Hi Carsyn,

      I recommend the Cyber Cafe to learn a little about what kids need to know about online safety. Take a look and let me know if you change your mind about kids needing to know about some basic Internet safety.

      Mrs. Watanabe

  2.   mermaids awsome Says:

    is it bad if we share are birth year

    •   Tracy Watanabe Says:

      Dear Mermaids Awesome,

      Yes, you should not put your birth year in your screen name. One of the reasons is it gives away your age which could be used for identity theft, scamming, spamming, phishing or grooming.

      These are things that you should learn about in Cougar Life.

      Mrs. Watanabe

  3.   James Says:

    I would like to learn how to maintain a safe email without getting hacked and people getting my info

    •   Tracy Watanabe Says:

      Hi James,

      Here is a game I just found about staying safe with email. If you give it a try, I’d like to hear your feedback on whether you liked the game, and if you learned anything from it.

      Mrs. Watanabe

  4.   shaina Says:

    I Learned Not To Put Any Personal Information About Me In My Screen Name.
    And, Also I Should Tell NO ONE My Password And, I Should make It Something No Body Would Guess.
    The Reason Why Those Are Important Because, Someone Could Hack You And, Change Everything Or, Spam You.

  5.   Nick Bandcamp Says:

    I would like to learn how to safely browse the Internet without getting viruses and other malicious software on my computer which could access my personal information.

    •   Tracy Watanabe Says:

      Hi Nick,

      Sharing that you want to learn about how to safely use the power of the Internet shows me that you really understand the responsibilities of being a digital citizen. Awesome!

      Here are two links to Internet safety sites called, Think U Know and Get Safe Online. These links have a little of the information you are looking for.

      Take a look and let me know what you think.

      Mrs. Watanabe

  6.   Jessica c; Says:

    What I Learned About Screen Names Is To NOT!! Put Your Name,Birthday,or Birth Year In It. I Learned That In A Password You Need To Make It Something Easy For You To Remember But Something Hard For People To Guess. It Is Important To Think About That Stuff So Nobody Will Change Your Information,Hack You, Or Even Spam You. c;

  7.   Carsyeee-:D Says:

    I l e a r n e d that it’s no good to give out your:
    A l s o :
    BE CREATIVE with your passwords!

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