6th Grade Common Core Math

Tips and Support for Common Core Math Implementation

Tips, Mathematical Practices, and Ideas Review

Review Topics 1-4 and Preview Topic 5

October 2-4: Review Topics 1-4, Preview Topic 5

These pacing documents are meant to be a support to you in planning and delivering instruction this year, but are not intended to take the place of classroom level assessments and decisions based on those assessments. Pre-tests and formative assessments should be the driving forces behind the ultimate pacing decisions in your classroom with the understanding that all concepts represented in these pacing documents must be taught to students over the course of the year.

Technology Integration Weekly Highlight

Here’s some game-based learning for equations:

  • Gummii – An innovative site (private alpha)/app for different areas of Math (fractions, addition, subtraction). Gummi immerses students into a educational 3D world (similar to Minecraft) where they solve mathematical equations tailored to differentiated instruction.
  • One Step Equation GamesDeep down inside we all love math T-shirt

Weekly Tip

  • Remember the Math Projects and Performance Based Practice/Assessments.
  • Speaking/Listening opportunities should  be included in our math lessons. This is a great way to also incorporate mathematical practices.

Double Dose

Continue 5th grade cyclical review based on IE;   Kim Sutton Math Routines (Number Line Workbook, Place Value, Math Drills to Thrill).

Mathematical Practices

This is an ASCD article titled, “You Can’t Do That with a Worksheet” and talks about how math has to look different with the Common Core and the Math Practices. This article gives an example of a problem in a 5th grade classroom that uses all 8 practices. It’s worth reading.

 What were the big take-aways you got from the ASCD article, You Can’t Do That with a Worksheet?

Did your students try any of the game-based learning sites? If so, how educational were they? How interesting were they?

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