6th Grade Common Core Math

Tips and Support for Common Core Math Implementation

Tips, Mathematical Practices, and Ideas about Integers

Topic 10: Integers

Note: The original dates you set for this unit was December 6-18 (Dec.19 posttest/pretest). However, most of you will be starting this unit soon since your pacing is determined by student understanding. 

10-1 Understanding Integers 6.NS.5 M06-S1C1-04, M06-S1C1-05
10-2 Comparing and Ordering Integers 6.NS.7.a M06-S1C1-04
10-3 Rational Numbers on a Number Line 6.NS.6.c M06-S1C1-03, M06-S1C1-04
10-4 Step-Up Lesson: Adding Integers 7.NS.1.b M06-S1C2-01
10-5 Step-Up Lesson: Subtracting Integers  7.NS.1.c M06-S1C2-01
10-6 Step-Up Lesson: Multiplying Integers 7.NS.2.a  
10-7 Step-Up Lesson: Dividing Integers 7.NS.2.b  
10-8 Absolute Value 6.NS.7.d M06-S1C1-05
10-9 Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane 6.NS.6.c M06-S4C3-01
K104 Missing Coordinates** (See double dose)J31 Use Reasoning** M06-S4C3-02M06-S5C2-09
10-10 Problem Solving: Use Reasoning 6.G.3 M06-S5C2-09

Double Dose Recommendations: 

  • Kim Sutton math routines
  • Pre-teach the following:
    • Missing Coordinates, 3 days (AZ7, K104)
    • Use Reasoning, 1 day (J31)

Tip of the Week:

  • Start your unit by looking at the performance task. Have students create need-to-know lists for what they need to know in order to complete the task.

  • After each lesson, refer back to the need-to-know list to see which pieces they’ve learned in order to reach the final goal of completing the performance task.

Technology Integration Resources:

Below are some Learn Zillion videos to use for each of the lessons beyond SuccessNet:

If you have iPads in your class, Educreations has a graphing grid with the coordinates to use as background paper and students can create tutorials with this app.

Mathematical Practices:

In enVision, the “Hands-On, Minds-On” quick lesson to introduce the concept also incorporates Math Practices. When I was in the classroom, I’d use my pretest data and formative assessments to determine which students need pre-teaching. Every day I’d pre-teach a small group, and I’d spend time using these lessons to develop the concept and connect prior knowledge. When I’d start my lesson, I could quickly introduce it using the Interactive Learning, beneficial to all students.

How do you differentiate for your students?

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