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Test prep stinks, so actively engage them in review!

on April 10, 2014

I love this Scholastic post that basically says test prep stinks, so actively engage them in their review! Some of their suggestions are:

  • Bring out the Performance Tasks and turn them into review. Allow them to work collaboratively in groups to discuss the math involved in the performance task and to talk through different solutions… and if their answers are reasonable…
  • Do review games. While they have several great ideas, I still love Kathleen Donlan’s game she introduced to 6th grade!
  • Make it fun with StudyJam music! I see them do it at CCJH, so why can’t you ham it up in 6th grade too?!Happy Pi Day (to the 69th digit)!

Some other suggestions for review materials are:

Final thoughts

Remember, just going through worksheet after worksheet of sample tests doesn’t help the students do better on the test. Have them discuss with the whole group or with partners why they chose one answer over another. Have them discuss if it’s reasonable. Engage them!

How do you engage students in review?

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