6th Grade Common Core Math

Tips and Support for Common Core Math Implementation

Tips, Mathematical Practices, and Ideas about Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

on December 5, 2013

Topic 9- Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

November 21-December 4 (Dec. 5 posttest/pretest)


9-1 Understanding Division of Fractions



AZ Standards

M06-S1C2-04, M06-S1C2-05, M06-S5C1-01

9-2 Dividing a Whole Number by a Fraction 6.NS.1 M06-S1C2-04, M06-S1C2-05, M06-S5C1-01
9-3 Dividing Fractions 6.NS.1 M06-S1C2-04
9-4 Estimating Quotients 6.NS.1 M06-S1C2-04, M06-S1C3-02
9-5 Dividing Mixed Numbers 6.NS.1 M06-S1C2-04
9-6 Solving Equations 6.EE.7 M06-S1C2-04
9-7 Problem Solving: Look for a Pattern 6.NS.6 M06-S3C1-01

Double Dose Recommendations:

  • Kim Sutton math routines.
  • Pre-teach the following: Area, 5 days (#34-38)

Tip of the Week:

Think about incorporating these ideas/resources:

  • The Topic Opener/STEM Project on page 201 not only brings in math in the context of the real world, but it also requires informational text reading and researching. 
  • New York City Department of Education created a performance task, Share My Candy, for dividing fractions by fractions, which includes a rubric.

Technology Integration Resources:


Online & interactive practice, that progressively gets more difficult from IXL:

  1. Divide fractions: Divide by fractions – with models
  2. Divide fractions: Reciprocals
  3. Divide fractions: Divide fractions
  4. Divide fractions: Estimate quotients when dividing mixed numbers
  5. Divide fractions: Divide fractions & mixed numbers
  6. Divide fractions: Divide fractions & mixed numbers: word problems

Mathematical Practices:

MP6- Attend to Precision

  • Communicate precisely to others
  • Use clear definitions in discussion with others and in their own reasoning
  • State the meaning of symbols they choose (equal sign)
  • Specific with units of measure, labeling, and quantities
  • Calculate accurately and efficiently

Question/Practice Stems

  • Why do you believe that to be true?
  • How did you reach your conclusion?
  • How does your answer connect to the question?
  • What math vocabulary did you use today?
  • How did you use it?
  • What does that symbol mean?
  • What would happen if your removed the symbol?
  • How would the problem change?
  • Does my work need labeling? If so, what? Why?

Are students applying the math practices daily?  How do you know?  What do the math practices sound like and look like in your classroom? 

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