6th Grade Common Core Math

Tips and Support for Common Core Math Implementation

Tips, Mathematical Practices, and Ideas about Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

on November 14, 2013

Topic 8- Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

November 12-November 19 (Nov. 20 posttest/pretest)


8-1 Multiplying a Fraction and a Whole Number



 AZ AIMS Standards

M06-S1C2-04, M06-S1C2-05,  M06-S5C1-01

8-2 Estimating Products 6.NS.1* M06-S1C2-04, M06-S1C3-01
8-3 Multiplying Fractions 6.NS.1* M06-S1C2-04, M06-S1C3-01
8-4 Multiplying Mixed Numbers 6.NS.1* M06-S1C2-04, M06-S1C3-02,  M06-S5C1-01
8-5 Problem Solving: Multiple-Step Problems 6.G.1 M06-S1C2-04, M06-S5C2-01, M06-S5C2-02

 Double Dose Recommendations:

  • Preteach Perimeter: 3 days (#31-33)
  • Kim Sutton Math Routines

Tip of the Week: PBL

How do we move up Bloom’s Taxonomy and go deeper with Depth of Knowledge (DOK)? What beginning PBL is available to help with DOK and Bloom’s? 

PBL Title & Link to Lesson



The Parchitecture Project



Using Google Sketch Up, students design a student play-area for the new High Tech High K-8 school in Chula Vista. Students create design firms, conduct student surveys for input on their design, determine budget costs, and propose their ideas to a panel of adults and peers. Students have complete control of the design of the space with the stipulation that it must be safe and accessible to all students.
Prime Putt – Putt
  • 6.G.1
  • 7.G.1
  • 7.G.4
  • 7.G.6
  • 7.RP.2
Prime Putt – Putt golf is looking to refurbish their miniature golf course. Mrs. Math, the owner, has outlined the desired repairs. Students are to submit a scale drawing of existing golf holes along with a list of materials necessary to give Prime Putt – Putt the makeover it desperately needs.
Step Right Up for a Good Cause
  • 6.NS.1
  • 5.NF.1
  • 5.NF.1
  • 6.NS.4
  • 7.SP.5
  • 7.SP.7
A local charity needs your help!  You have been asked to plan a Family Fun Night in order to raise money for the charity.  You will develop games and find theoretical and experimental probability of each game.   You will plan a concession stand menu with combo choices, shop for game prizes and concession needs, and propose a layout for the event.  In the end, you will present a proposal to a panel of charity officials that includes the projected cost and profit for the event.
Let’s Party!


As caterers, students are bidding on a job to plan a birthday party for a 13-year old.  Given a budget of $250, they will submit a party proposal for 30 guests that includes a budget spreadsheet, written description of party and events, menu, map of room, and an oral presentation.

Mathematical Practices: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

This tip comes from the ADE:

In grade 6, students solve problems involving ratios and rates and discuss how they solved them. Students solve real world problems through the application of algebraic and geometric concepts. Students seek the meaning of a problem and look for efficient ways to represent and solve it. They may check their thinking by asking themselves, “What is the most efficient way to solve the problem?”, “Does this make sense?”, and “Can I solve the problem in a different way?”.

What opportunities are you providing students to persevere with problem solving (and PBL)?

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