6th Grade Common Core Math

Tips and Support for Common Core Math Implementation

Tips, Mathematical Practices, and Ideas about Operations with Decimals — Part 2

on September 12, 2013

Continuing with Topic 3- Operations with Decimals

September 6-19 (Sep. 20 Posttest Topic 3/Pretest Topic 4)


3-1 Estimating Sums and Differences



AZ AIMS Standards


3-2 Adding and Subtracting 6.NS.3 M06-S1C2-07
3-3 Estimating Products and Quotients 6.NS.3 M06-S1C2-03, M06-S1C3-02
3-4 Multiplying Decimals 6.NS.3 M06-S1C2-02, M06-S5C1-01
3-5 Dividing Whole Numbers 6.NS.2 M06-S1C2-03
3-6 Dividing by a Whole Number 6.NS.3 M06-S1C2-03
3-7 Dividing Decimals 6.NS.3 M06-S1C2-03, M06-S1C3-02, M06-S5C1-01
3-8 Evaluating Expressions 6.EE.2.c M06-S1C2-07, M06-S3C3-04
3-9 Solutions for Equations and Inequalities 6.EE.5 M06-S1C2-07, M06-S3C3-01
3-10 Problem Solving: Multiple-StepProblems 6.NS.3 M06-S5C2-01, M06-S5C2-02

Technology Integration Weekly Highlight

Have you seen these two sites with math videos created by teachers?

Students could view the movie as reteaching or preteaching (which is part of the flipped classroom model).

Tip of the Week: Differentiation and Real-World Connections

How are you differentiating instruction and making real-world connections with math?

Two underutilized places in enVisions that has ideas are the Project in the Topic Opener and the Performance Task.

Project Ideas:

  • enVisions has a math project idea in the Topic Opener, on page 61 about Roller Coasters, and averaging the length (in feet) and the height (in feet) of five roller coasters.
  • You can do that with many things. For example, research September high and low temperatures in Apache Junction and compare them to today’s temperature. Make a table, and compare the mean.
  • Another idea is to research, create a table, then calculate the mean of the magnitude of the top five earthquakes in the world today.

Performance Task:

The performance task gives students an opportunity to apply their learning in the context of real-world application.

Double Dose Recommendations

Continue 5th grade cyclical review based on IE;   Kim Sutton Math Routines (Number Line Workbook, Place Value, Math Drills to Thrill).

Math Practices

One of the math practices students should be using this week is Construct viable arguments and critique reasoning of others. How might this look in the classroom? How do we teach students to respectfully critique their peers? Students might need a sentence frame when they first start. “I agree with __________ because…” “I respectfully disagree with this part of _____________ solution because…” Modeling our expectations is key!

How are you differentiating instruction and making real-world connections with math? 

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