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Challenge #7: The Sciences

In my class the past few weeks we have been learning about the Cell. There over 1 trillion cells that make up your body. Did you know that blood cells are not made in the heart but in your two largest bones? If you would like to learn more about cells this link will take you to a cool game that one of my classmates found.


There is also a fun YouTube rap video that our teacher found about cells and their parts.  Here is that link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zafJKbMPA8

I hope you learn something about cells, like I did!  Have a good week.



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~ by chris2012m on November 2, 2012 .

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  1.   matty Says:

    I never knew that there was over 1 trillion cells in your body. And I never knew that your blood cells were made in your two largest bones.

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