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Arizona is sometimes very HOT!  It has lots of cactus.  Cactus is a plant that has spike things called stickers. 

Here are three very old Saguaro Cacti because of their arms.

There are also dead looking trees but they are not dead that is just how they look. They look dead because of the heat.

These bushes aren’t dead, they are dormant.

Do you know what dormant means?

The heat makes the ground dry.  We also have cute and scary animals.  Like bunnies,bobcats,and quail. 

Gamble quail and Cottontail rabbit out side our class window.

Quail is a type of  bird.  Arizona’s birthday is on valentines day which is cool…to me!  And that is what Arizona is like.  I hope you have learned something new!


Have you visited Arizona? 

If so, what did you see? 

If not, would you like to go to Arizona?

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