Things to remember when you comment

Here are some simple guidelines for how to have a quality comment to continue conversations on our classroom blog:

*Students will only be identified by their first names.

*Posts will not include personal information about students such as addresses or family information.

*All comments or posts will be submitted and approved by Miss Sole before being seen on the blog.

*Only respectful comments and edited comments will be allowed.

*Parents that leave a comment are asked to use their first name only or putting your students first name and your relation to them, like    Bob’s Father.


Guidelines are courtesy of Shauna Hamman!

5 Comments on “Things to remember when you comment”

  1. My favorite port is when we got to pant fore the very first time in Mis.Averys class!What sparks my creativity is just put random lins or dots and when you are dun you relies what you mack is special.

  2. Miss Avery, I am Josh’s grandmother I was told that he needs a birth certificate or cannot remain in school. If you are allowed to respond to me please do. I am on the list for Joshua as contact& emergency. I am interested in Josh’s education and anything we can help or be a part of. Thank you
    Josh’s grandmother

    • Nancy,

      I did talk to the office about that and they said that if you bring in paperwork by the 21st showing you have started the process of obtaining a birth certificate then that is all they need. If you have any other questions in regards to that please call the office. I’m glad you were able to check out our blog! I hope to see your name on here. If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at bsole@goaj.org or via the blog. Thank you again. Mrs. Avery

  3. Dear Mrs.Avery

    I like Iditarod .How about your class.Our class is finding out how many dogs do the mushers have.Are you guys finding out how many dogs do the mushers have?I hope you comment back.

    Your new friend,


  4. Why I want to become a rock star is because I have a lovely talent for singing. And I sing every day when I get home from school. After my fifteen minutes of reading. And I even sing every day on the weekends. If you want to become a rock star you could choose from many instruments. And you also need a backup singer. Or an other instrument player. If you are planning an alternative rock band you could consider piano or an other instrument.

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