Top 10 events of the year!

10.  Humphrey Day

We had  a flag ceremony, all grades were there but per-k. Mrs. Farris gave us a speech, we got bags at the end of the day with the book. Everybody read it, if we did we got to get in this life size hamster ball. We had Carnival centers where we got to dance, draw and build a craft.

-Kian and Alex

9. Mrs. B’s Story time

It was so funny because of the puppets. Mrs.Avery was dancing cool. Mrs.Myers was rocking out. Mrs.B was funny because she did lots of funny jokes.

-Autumn and Devin

8. Party in a Bag

We got to bring in any food or game to play with our class! It was funny a thing because Alex was playing with dolls with the girls. It was fun because there were lots of treats and half of the class got hyper. It was funny because Alex kept taking the doll Brianna was playing with. It was funny because Alex was doing the dolls hair. It was funny because Alex got so hyper he stared to walk in the class to get out the sugar.

-Ahtziri and Perla

7. Door Decorating Contest

We had a door contest with the entire school. We decorated the doors with test taking tips. We also decorated Lego people  and put it on our door. We went around the whole school and looked at the doors. We taped the Lego people to the door and we got to take out Lego people home.

-Gracie and Brianna

6. Snow Flake Ornaments

5. Hot Chocolate Party

We watched a Muppet’s Christmas carol. We had hot chocolate and cookies. The hot Chocolate was hot. It had marshmallows  and cookies.  At the end we all enjoyed it. We watched a piece of the movie to go with our Holidays Around the World Project.

-Josephine and Chantal

4. O.R.E.O. Global Project

What we did is we staked Oreos until they all fell. So many people wanted to eat the Oreos when we were done but they were old. It was very challenging and fun. Lots of Oreos fell. We also made a blog post about it.

3. Go Noodle

Go noodle is when you have to do running and dancing games. We do go noodle every day! On go noodle you have levels  and  characters. Go noodle is fun to listen to music.On go noodle  you get  a new character  every level.

-Katlyn, Ashton, Dan and Ryan

2. Mad Scientist Days

1. Global Cardboard Challenge 

We chose the Cardboard Challenge because it was very fun and challenging. In the Cardboard Challenge we made games out of cardboard. In the end we got to take our games home and play with our friends and family. During the cardboard challenge we all made different games. This is why we chose the cardboard challenge.

-Dyson, Anthony, Margie, Desiree and Samantha

What was your favorite thing you did this year?


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