Picture It! Global Project


This is a program learning about an artist and their works then sharing the process of building one of their original pieces of work by cutting it into sections and having classes around the world participate in mailing out their section of the piece. We got the idea from a lovely website that always has amazing global projects, Projects by Jen!

It just so happens that this year’s artist is Vincent van Gogh and his famous painting, Starry Starry Night. The piece has been broken into 24 parts and from around the United States, Canada and even Australia, pieces were distributed and gradually they have been coming in the mailstream each week, for the last few weeks.

We are currently down to our last piece of the puzzle on our wall. We have filled in on a U.S. map and Canada the different states and provinces as they have arrived. We are now waiting on our piece from afar, from the land Downunder! Otherwise the rest of the pieces are displayed in our hallway for all passerby’s to see.

I taught this artist a few years ago and was able to put together a video of his works that coincide with the song that Don McLean wrote about Vincent van Gogh. I shared this with Mrs. Avery’s class and they really enjoyed the display of artistry and that someone would write about an artist and sing about them. It was an historical lesson as well as a creative arts unit!

Mrs. Cross

How would you color this piece if you could?



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