Rock Investigation

Students learned more about rocks with hands on centers, working in groups and helping each other by discussing the three definitions rocks are categorized into.

Students were able to put into practice their metric system measuring their rocks in millimeters and centimeters and in US Standard measurement, inches. Then they had the chance to weigh their rocks on an electric scale both in grams and ounces. Then while checking to see if any of the rock samples were able to float in water, students were able to fill their measuring cups in milliliters/ounces. They were asked to draw their rocks and write down their characteristics to give a final conclusion as to what category of rock; Igneous, Metamorphic or Sedimentary.

In addition to this, Mrs. Cross brought in some of her own family collection of rocks that also consisted of fossils, bones and petrified tree where students were able to see the number of lines that showed the age of the particular specimen.

What kind of rocks do you live near?

What are some of the rock formations in your state? 

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