Spirit of the Wild

We have had some busy weeks here in Mrs. Avery’s class. One thing that we have recently done was go on a field trip to the Mesa Arts Center. We were so excited to get on that bus and travel to Mesa! While we were there we got to listen to a National Geographic Photographer named Paul Nicklen. He was awesome, we learned so much about animals and nature and why he takes pictures at all! He showed us some really cool pictures ¬†and videos of his adventures.

When we got back to class Mrs. Avery had us draw a picture of our favorite thing that Paul shared with us. Then we had to caption our picture with a sentence or two so people could see what we learned from Mr. Paul. We turned it into a video! Check it out below!

2013-11-13 15.02.34










Now, we are going on our own nature walk right next to our school so we can turn into photo journalists! Check back at the blog soon to see our stories!

Would you ever want to be a wildlife photographer? Why or why not?

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