Mad Scientist Day, Yellowstone Skype and a Pumpkin Project!

The last week of October was a BUSY one. We had some crazy jam packed days with Skype calls, broadcasts and experiments. Every year, as a teacher, I always get creative with Halloween. Parties aren’t necessarily the best thing, especially when candy is so easy to come by at 3:35 so in years past I’ve shown movies, played some games and did some activities. But Mrs. Hamman told me all about Mad Scientist Day where the day is completely filled with ooey, gooey, gross science experiments! I knew I had to try it! Here’s what Ryan and Autumn had to say about it:

We did the exploding soda, exploding pumpkin, the soap expansion, expanding capsules. Most of the students choose one that was their favorite but some like everything!

On Halloween we got the chance to tune into a live broadcast from Steve Spangler, a scientist who specializes in experiments for kids! He showed us some awesome Halloween experiments. Her’s what Josephine shared about it:

When we watched the Steve Spangler video we saw awesome experiments like the glowing blood, smoke gun and air gun. Alex likes everything and does not like nothing. Katlyn likes the goo.

We also participated in Pumpkin Seed Project where we counted, measured and weighed pumpkins. Then we imputed the data onto an online database where everyone else that was doing the same project put theirs too!

We had a skype with Yellowstone National Park on Halloween as well, it was so cool to talk to a real park ranger!

On top of all the craziness it was Red Ribbon Week! Here’s Joshua, Dyson and Desiree sharing about that:

We teamed up against drugs, we wore sports stuff. We shaded out drugs, wore sunglasses. Our future was to bright for drugs so we wore neon. Ride the drug free wave, we dressed in Hawaiian. Drugs are a hairy situation, crazy hair day! Red Ribbon week was fun. Some people liked seeing everybody doing it. Others actually liked doing it.

Check out our video of all that we did!



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