Frozen Ocean Skype

It was fun to Skype with Jamie, he told us a lot of stuff. We learned about what they needed to survive like butter and oatmeal, lots of chocolate, water and heavy jackets. Jamie melted snow or ice to make water to drink. Mr. Jamie told us about where he went. He told us all the species of animals that live int he Arctic. The oceans are 14 degrees below 0. When you get your hair it freezes. How he got around was with boots, snow mobiles, snow shoes and dog sled. He had an British accent.

When you breathe in the night there was ice all over you. When you breathe out you can see your breath. You had to cover your mouth when you slept because the ice could get into your mouth. It was below 0 degrees. They were sleeping on top of water because the waves were frozen. He didn’t know how big the Arctic was, he asked Autumn to research it. She said that it was 14 million square kilometers. They used a bike with no wheels to fish and it was connected to a net, kind of like a fishing pole. It was so cold it hurt so you had to wear a face mask, it felt like needles if you didn’t. They lived in a tent and there were many tents for other activities.

Watch our video to see more of the Skype!


What do you know about the Arctic?

What was the most surprising fact you learned?

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  1. Wow I read it and it sounds fun. I wish I could do that. Did she explain to you how she survived on that food?

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