Global Cardboard Challenge

On Friday, October 4th our class took part of the Global Cardboard Challenge. If you have never heard of it I urge you to watch the video that explains Caine’s arcade and why we took part of the cardboard challenge! After watching Caine’s arcade, videos of other schools participating in the Global Cardboard Challenge and watching the follow up video for Caine we discussed character traits that describe Caine. We also talked about how important it is to be creative and to use our imagination.

Our class got the whole day on Friday to team up, or work alone, and plan out our own arcade game! We had to have a name, directions and a plan before we could get our cardboard. Once we got a cardboard box, we were hard at work. Mrs. Avery introduced new materials every half an hour but we weren’t allowed to use anything besides what she gave us.

Take a look at our pictures and videos of this day and then read our comments about our favorite parts of the Cardboard Challenge!



What was your favorite part about the Cardboard Challenge?

What would you like to do differently next year?

Why do you think it is important to be creative?

20 Comments on “Global Cardboard Challenge”

  1. Dear Ms.Avery’s class,I loved all of the cardboard arcade games.My favorite part of the cardboard challenge was when we got to play the other students games.What cardboard arcade game would you make?from,Dyson

  2. Hi. from Samantha and Desiree.The Cardboard challenge was fun because you were building games.Do you like the cardboard challenge?building games.Do you like the cardboard challenge?THE END

  3. Dear Mrs.Avery

    The cardboard challenge was fun. What we will do next year is make it hard and the game harder. It helps kids learn and how to build the games.

    This is wrote by Josephine and Elijah

  4. Hello.
    My favorite part was making my cardboard wack a mole. Next year, I would 3 pieces of cardboard and make it into aliens, slimy ones. People would take a ball of tape and throw it at the aliens. It is important because people will play your games. It was fun.

  5. Dear Ms.Avery .s class I loved the cardboard challenge it was fun we paled everyone games.

  6. Dear mis Avery
    You look nice today.My favorite prat about cardboard challenge is decorating the cardboard.Wath I won’t to Chang next year is haveing two days.wiy I think it important to be creative is because people will think that is a fun you like cardboard challenge?


  7. Hi my name is Autumn.
    Justin I liked your cardboard basketball game.
    My favorite part was when I opened my shop.
    What I would like to do next year is bild something new.
    I think it is important to be creative because you can find out what you can really make.
    What did you bild for cardboard challenge?

  8. Hi.I am Samantha.The cardboard challenge was so much fun because when you biuld the game.Was the cardboard challenge fun to you?THE END

    • Dear Samantha”,I really liked your box.”i had fun so if you had fun that’s coolness.

  9. HI my name is Ryan my favorite part is wen we made are box and wen we played with them.

  10. hello I’m Brianna and I’m Ahtziri. Ahtziri and I loved the cardboard challenge was so fun because we got to make a cardboard game everybody got a good idea for the cardboard box thank for the cardboard challenge from brianna and ahtziri

  11. Dear Mrs.Avery

    Good job Mikel!
    How did you build that it looks really hard.
    My favorite part was when we got to play our games made out of Cardboard boxes.
    What i would want next year would be the same thing we did this year.
    I think the important thing to be creative because you can do what ever you want.

    From Joshua

  12. I think everyone did good and everyone is good at it.

  13. I like kens project because he uses lots of tape

  14. Hi,I liked your angry birds game elijah.My favorite part was building the game.I don`t want to do anything different next year.I think being creative is inportant because it is fun.why did you make an angry

  15. I make a care for cardboard Callaghan I like The Callaghan.

  16. I like the cardboard challenge it wus fun we can make what we want.

  17. I like cardboard challenge because cardboard challenge is about making game And game are fun. From Desiree

  18. dear ms.Avery I think Devin was the best haw did you make that bole? from devin

  19. Hi my name is Jacob.I liked the cardboard challenge because we got to make games and we got to play other people’s games.

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