O.R.E.O. Stacking

The O.R.E.O Project is such a fun, hands on and easy global project to do! Students always remember this one at the end of the year, because let’s face it, playing with Oreos is always an experience! I’m sure they would love it more if they could eat them, but anyway.

This is a fantastic project done by Projects by Jen, she does so many easy yet global projects and I always look forward to introducing them to my classroom.

This project is exactly as it sounds…you stack Oreo cookies. We did a prediction activity the day before after reading through the rules and then we did an estimated class average (our estimated class average was 19 cookies). Students had all night to think about how to get the highest stack in the class. Then, on Friday, we got into groups and started our stacking! Some students just went for it while others had a strategy that they adjusted after their first turn. When everyone had their highest stack (our highest was 22 cookies!) we did our class average (which was 16 cookies, less then what we estimated). We entered our data into an interactive map where it shows all the participants from the O.R.E.O. Project. What fun!

Check out our video of all the fun!

What do you think would be the best strategy in stacking cookies?

12 Comments on “O.R.E.O. Stacking”

  1. dear Ms.Avery,I loved the Oreo project.I think going strait is the best strategy.How did Justin stack like that?From,Dyson

  2. Dear Mrs.Avery,

    Nice job Andrew!
    How did you make you O.R.E.O tower that high?

    From Joshua and Jake

  3. Dear Mrs. Avery

    Oreo stacking was fun.I think the best strategy is placing cookies dawn softly.Cooed
    we do it again.

  4. Dear Mrs.Avery,

    Nice job Andrew!
    How did you stack your O.R.E.O tower that high?
    I think the best strategy is to put the O.R.E.O.S side to side when you stack them.

    From Joshua

  5. Dear Mrs.Avery,I like O.R.E.O.S STACKING because it is fun and you can stacking O.R.E.O.S. FORM DESIREE

  6. Dear Mrs. Avery

    Desiree good job. The orero staking was fun because when the oreos fell everybody went o. Was the orero staking fun for you?

    from Samantha

  7. Dear Mrs. Avery,I think the best strategy in stacking cookies is tacking your time and stacking slowly.

  8. Dear Ryan.how many Oreos did you stack

  9. Dear Mrs Avery I think the best strategy is to stack the Oreos in a straight line so they don’t fall down .I think it was very nice of Mrs Avery to let us stack Oreos .what was your favorite part of the Oreos.from katlyn

  10. I want to do the O.R.E.O. Stacking agin.

  11. I like Ryan Oreo project because he yosd lots oreos in his project.

  12. I think evoryone did really grate job on the O.R.E.O project and i like the when all of the O.R.E.O.S fell on the desk.

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