Dot Day 2013

Dot Day is one of my favorite days of the year! It’s where we celebrate creativity and making our mark on the world! I, Mrs. Avery, first started celebrating last year and can think of nothing better to do on/around September 15th then Dot Day! This year we had so many activities to celebrate our uniqueness as a class. My students got into groups and wrote a paragraph about each of the areas of our day so you, our readers, could get a complete picture of how we celebrated Dot Day!

We celebrate making our mark and also we made dots to celebrate. It is cool! -Katlyn

For Dot Day we did centers. Some of us painted, some of us did 3D coloring, some of us did computers and others did #youmatter letters. The centers were super fun! -Brianna and Perla

For Dot Day we made 3D coloring. We went on an app and made circles into 3D. 3D coloring was fun because when it puts the dots on the BIG dot and it pops out right in front of your eyes. -Ahtziri, Margie and Charlene

We wrote #youmatter sentences on big dots to give to people who work hard on our campus. We wrote them to people who are nice, to show them that they matter and to encourage people. -Samantha

My favorite part that I wanted to do was to use a 3D app on the Ipads that turns into a 3D show from a paper. The 2nd that I wanted to do was the painting. The 3rd thing I wanted to do was cutting out a dot.


What was your favorite part about Dot Day?

Do you think it is a good thing to celebrate making  your mark? 

3 Comments on “Dot Day 2013”

  1. Dear Class,
    I think it is important everyday to celebrate that we are “making a mark!”
    Mrs. Farris

  2. Hi Mrs. Avery how are you doing?
    Would you like to look at our blog? Our blog is:
    Bye (:

  3. Hi Mrs Avery and your class,
    We think Dot Day sounds fun and interesting. We like how you usd the ipads, and wrote #you matter letters. You were very creative to wear your spotty outfits to school. Did you write #you matter letters to yourselves?
    Kaia and Joe, Grey Lynn School, New Zealand

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