Our 2nd Mystery Skype

We Skyped with 5th graders from Dallas, Texas. Our class was nervous to do the Mystery Skype! It was exciting when they answer the Skype call.

Mystery Skype was fun because whenever the other class told us 5 hints we got the state and city right. They went first with their questions and we went second. We guessed their city first! Mystery Skype was fun because we get to talk to other people around the world.

Mystery Skype is about focus, we’re focusing on what city or state they live in. We learn how to guess well and to ask good questions. We also learn about where other people and what they do there. We learn social studies and geography. We learn facts about states.

9 Comments on “Our 2nd Mystery Skype”

  1. I like it very much.

  2. Dear Mrs. Avery are 2nd mystery Skype was fun. What happened in mystery Skype was we guseted right we guseted where they lived. They called us.there state was Dallas.i liked are 2nd mystery Skype.

  3. I like mystery Skype because you get to see other people.
    It is fun because I got to talk to fifth graders.
    I didn’t like it because it was a short mystery Skype.

  4. I thot that was fun becaus we got to talk to other pepole.

  5. Dear Mrs. Avery,
    Mystery Skype is fun sow is contacting other states.I wonder what state were going to
    contact next.wonder if we’re California!

  6. Hi Mrs. Avery,

    This is Paulina. I just wanted you to know that I moved to Utah with my family. I will be coming down to visit soon. I will keep sending you messages and tell you about the snow here and tell you what I am doing in class. Tell everyone that I miss them and hope to see them soon.

    • Oh hello Miss Paulina!! We miss you very much and I’m glad to hear you’re doing well in Utah. Maybe you can come visit Four Peaks when you come down to Arizona! Keep me updated on your classroom 🙂
      Mrs. Avery

  7. Dear Class,
    It sounds like you were listening intently to the clues the other class was giving you. I would love for you to invite me to participate in your next mystery skype. Would you please consider doing that?
    Mrs. Farris

  8. Dear Mrs.Avery Class,

    That’s so exciting that you guys had 5 hints and the first time you got it right.WOW!It’s so surprising that you guys meet some 5th grades that are in Dallas ‘Texas.What did Dallas ,Texas look like?

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