Student Blogging Challenge

Our classroom is taking part of the Student Blogging Challenge ! Which means we have to blog once a week for the whole month of September! It’s very exciting because it forces us to learn how to blog but it also brings lots and lots of visitors to our blog…which we love!

Our first challenge was to write an About Me page for our classroom or to leave questions for our new visitors. We decided to do both 🙂

Please check out our About Our Classroom Page and leave us some comments and remember to answer our questions 🙂 Thanks for visiting and make sure you come back every week!

What is your teacher’s name?

What is your school mascot?

Do you like our blog?

Where are you from?

What is your weather like?

One Comment on “Student Blogging Challenge”

  1. Hi Mrs. Avery’s Class!

    My class is participating in the student blogging challenge too! We are new bloggers and we are super excited about it! I am the teacher and my name is Ms. Seitz. Our school mascot is a hornet. I love your blog! We are from Michigan. Right now, the weather is humid and rainy. Please visit our site and comment!

    Ms. Seitz from Digital Voices

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