Morning Meeting

This will be my 2nd year doing Morning Meeting in my classroom and I just cannot say enough fantastic things about it! Last years class seemed to love it as well but let’s hear from my 2013-2014 3rd graders!

Morning meeting is fun because we get to have a ball in our hands and we get to share our feelings -Rayshell

I like morning meeting because you get to say how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way -Justin

What I think is fun about morning meeting is the hand clap because you get a partner and the student of the week gets to pick someone to make up the hand clap and you and your partner get to do it -Brianna

The first thing we do in morning meeting is self reflection which is taking three deep breaths in and out -Dyson

I think it is fun to share our feelings -Perla

My video didn’t work out so well, no sound means you cannot hear how truly awesome my students are during morning meeting! So I will re film and add that video later this week!

What do you think we should add to morning meeting?

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  1. Thank you for sharing the thoughts of some of your students. I think the magical thing about Morning Meeting is that is can evolve into anything you and your students need it to be. The benefits of both the social/emotional learning and the academic learning are endless.
    I appreciate your dedication to this process!

  2. I love morning meeting and this is what we do in morning meeting we take 3 deep breathes in and out,next we share what we did well yesterday and what we want to work on today,we go over word wall,we share how we feel,we pick a number,then we make up a hand clap then we do that hand clap.Thats how much I love morning meeting.

  3. Morning meeting is fun because we tell about the day we get to hold the ball and get to tell are feelings.

  4. I like morning meeting because it is nice to see my friends even nice to see my teacher and to see class mates.

  5. Blog on Mystery Skye comment:I like the Mystery Skye because I like to talk to
    6grader. I like to guess the clues. Do you like Mystery Skye too? andrew

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