Soda Santa Creative Questioning

We have spent so much time testing this week that I feel we’ve lost our creative juices! So to gain them back we started practicing for Mystery Skype┬áby coming up with our own yes/no questions and beginning to go through the logical thinking process of solving the mystery!


Mrs. Hamman came across this super cool website called 101questions which is all about questioning! What is the first question that enters your mind when you see this picture??


I showed my class this picture and asked them that same question. So many kids wondered what they used, how long did it take, and how did they do that? After we got those questions out of the way we started making up math questions related to this picture. Our big question that we came up with was how many soda boxes were used and how many soda cans were used?

So we got to work…

What do you think the answer is to our math question?

What was the first question that popped into your head?

8 Comments on “Soda Santa Creative Questioning”

  1. The question that popped into my mind was; who thought to do this and why? Also, why do Americans drink too much soda?

  2. Dear Mrs.Avery,
    Thank you for the comment. We think Mrs. Hamman wrote a question about Santa. Do you have morning meeting? We like your comment!

    Your friend,
    Mrs.Moore’s class

  3. How did all those people do that?
    That is really hard.
    I wonder how many cans are there.
    I bet it took 10 people to do that.

  4. dear,ms.Avery that looks super cool.I wonder what they used Sincerly,Dyson

  5. we could the box is and i guested that there were 95.

  6. Why is ther so many cans? and how many is there?why did they do that?

  7. Dear Ms.Avery,
    I guess there are about 100 cans. I put them in groups and tried counting them in the groups. I thought about choosing 95 first because that was what I got the first time,then I put them in groups again and I got 100. Did you guys do that, or did someone else do that? If I were to do that, I bet it would take about one week for me too it because it probably would keep falling on me. Well not on me, but on the ground. If it would fall on me I bet it would hurt, even if the cans were empty. I would do it bigger, but it would probably take about two weeks. Sometime, like at the end of the year, you would probably tell us the answer. I bet it would be fun and boring. It would be fun if it took three days, and it would probably be really boring if it took two weeks.
    Your friend,

  8. How many cans does it take to do that? That must be hard to do.

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