Top 10 of the Year!

Students had the hardest thing to do this past week, they had to choose 10 of their most favorite moments from this school year! We came up with a list of 40 items and then they had to narrow it done to 10…it was quite a hard process but here is our 10 top list for the 2012-2013 school year!

10.rock crayon

I like the rock crayon project, it’s because when you take a crayon and  peel the paper and  shave the crayon then put it in the hot and cold water. Then you’re done shaving the crayon then you fold the tin foil, squish it ,then you make the tin foil into a boat and place it in the hot and cold water. At  the end you sit down and wait for your rock crayon and take it home. We had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 9. ranger mike skype

by:  adam and josh

Why we chose the Ranger Mike skype is it was fun. There were five pictures that he showed us,  the 1st one was a black bear.The 2nd one was a grizzly bear. The 3rd one was the mud pot and that was cool. The 4th one was an arrow head. The 5th one was a bison  Ranger Mike talked to us about geysers, buffalo and bears. He said there are a lot of mountains there. Ranger Mike is the guy that we skyped with. He said that there are a lot of rangers that can speak different languages.   

We went to the MESA ARTS CENTER. It was about a guy named Borge Ousland that crossed the Arctic alone. He talked about his adventures that he went on to the Arctic. When we got there we got to see videos of him at the Arctic. We got to see some polar bears on the pictures he showed us. We even got to see videos of him swimming in the Arctic ocean. Borge Ousland told us how cold the water was and what the weather was like. The water is warmer than the weather. It was a fun field trip because Borge Ousland told us about his trip when he crossed the Arctic alone. But he met someone along an icy trail. He said he got frost bite and he was really cold crossing the arctic. Why it became one of the top ten is because it was very fascinating inside of the Mesa Arts Center. What was fascinating about it was that there was a lot of beautiful art. And there is a type of theater that we sat in and we waited until Borge Ousland spoke to us about his trip crossing the arctic.

7. Miss Brokaw’s Graduation

We sat down and watched Miss Brokaw graduate  from college live. We got to hold up signs when she got her diploma and cheer for her!We also wrote about things we wanted to do when we graduate from college!

by;angel &scott

6. 12-12-12 Blogging Day

We did this because its was the last time we would do it. I mean it was the last time in some years the numbers on the date were the same. So what we did was we wrote our 12 favorite things. Plus we did a blog about it. It was fun because we wrote all about our favorite 12 things. And we wrote a blog post about the 12.12.12  project. We posted   our teachers blog. I was eager to do it because we got to pick our 12 favorite things. And the fun thing was it was almost 2013. So we celebrated by blogging. I like blogging because you get to share what you do.So maybe you should try it with your family or class.And comment on other blogs.

5. O.R.E.O Project

The oreo stacking was very fun and everyone was happy. We couldn’t eat the oreos though. The oreos were cracked. When someone was close to getting all of the oreos stacked everyone was quiet. The oreo stacking was difficult. The highest stack of oreos was 24 oreos. The lowest stack of oreos was 5 oreos. Everybody was in a team. Every team had a bucket of oreos. The oreos we used other kid used the oreos looked so delicious. Paulina had the highest stack of oreos.

4. Iditarod…

 Our school year is ending and our class had to vote on what things we did this year.   So we made a list of ten things we liked this year.   All of the students were picked for a job.  we were picked for the Iditarod race. We were doing the iditarod because we were reading a book called Mush.  That book was about dog racing, it is the same word as Iditarod.  They have to pack a lot of food for the dogs and of course human food.  They pack extra clothes for you and the dogs too.  They also pack gloves and for your dogs the gloves are called booties.  There are checkpoints on every leg of the race.  They can camp if they want to but other teams can pass them so they have to choose wisely.  Our class were voting for Martin buser and John Backer.  Our class were in two separate teams me and Ashley and other people were on Martin Buser’s team.  Of course there were people  in John Baker’s team.  John Baker’s team lost and Martin Buser’s team won!!!!!!

3. Cookie mining

Lots of us voted for it. But it did not come in first place because it did not get voted enough. We took fake money and we used it to buy a toothpick and used the toothpicks to mine little chocolate chips. Each full chocolate chip was two fake dollars when you traded it  with the teacher. There are two different types of cookies plain and chunky. Plain has less chocolate chips then chunky. When you are  done you can pay one dollar to eat the cookie. Cookie mining was fun because we learned new words. I liked it and Icould tell everybody liked it to. We learned how to save money. The Chocolate chips where the gold. It was very fun. It was fun because it was math related.

By:Marissa and Elijah

2. The Mother’s Day craft

By: Amanda and Falicity

Hello Our names are Amanda and Falicity. We are going to tell you about the Mother’s Day craft. Why we picked the Mother’s Day craft for the top ten list was because it was fun to do. Our Mother’s Day craft was a card and five handmade flowers.We had to get the stuff and get it done in time so we could give it to our mom. It was fun to do because we got to make five flowers and a card for our mom. It was fun to do because when we were done we got to take it home and on Mother’s Day we got to give it to our mom and see the expression on her face. That was probably the first time we gave our mom handmade flowers. We all had two days to make it and that was  hard to do. We did it because our moms could have been really sad. The cards and the flowers were easy to make. I wish we could do this again. I bet our mother liked the things we did for them.  We all had fun making the Mothers Day Craft. The most we all probably liked was putting a smile on our moms face.

1. Goodbye party

by shantel and devyn

It is in the top 10 list because everyone voted for it. So it got number one! When Miss Brokaw left the room we turned the lights off.Then we waited. When she came in we jumped out and said SURPRISE! She was shocked. Then we gave her our presents. Then we had brownies.Then she gave us pencils. Everybody liked it.We made posters for her.She gave Mrs. Avery a present. Then the whole class gave her a hug. We were  sad that she was going away. But we were happy for her because she was going to be a real teacher.

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