Spaghetti Towers

For the last full day of school we decided to have an engineering project, who could build the tallest spaghetti tower! There were a lot of challenges because the students couldn’t talk to their group mates! They had to have a plan before hand and hope everyone was on board because for 15 minutes they weren’t allowed to speak to each other at all. Our winner had a tower of a height of 10 1/2 inches! This is our reflection of it!




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  1. Hi Mrs.avery I am so sorry that I missed the last day of school it is because my mom did not want to take me to school because my mom was tired I hope you enjoyed the class I will se you next year

  2. And also had fun with the spaghetti tower it was very fun because we had to see who had the highest

  3. Hey MIS.AVERY!!!! I miss you a lot and i wanted to tell you that I am moveing in July so i won’t be comeing to Four Peck i just wanted to tell you that and i will miss you a lot and Shantel and sienna and all of the others but by ;<{

    • Oh no!! Paulina, I will miss you very much next year but I’m sure it’ll be nice to be close to all your family! Have fun in Utah and remember to stop by the blog!

  4. Dear Mrs Avery,

    We though that it was cool that you did an engineering project.Did you get to eat the spaghetti towers?

    Myla and Balie

    • Dear Myla and Balie,

      Thank you! My students had so much fun with it! They did not get to eat the spaghetti towers but I had some extra marshmallows so I did allow them to eat some when they were all cleaned up! What would you have done to make your tower the tallest?

      Mrs. Avery

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