Flying High

From March 30th to May 5th it is considered National Kite Month! We just couldn’t resist have the students build their own kites and fly them! Students got into groups and researched kites, got books out of the library and read books about kites during reading groups. They learned anything they could about what makes kites and the history of kites. After they found out they actually had to make a kite and fly it they went back to research what materials they needed and then we had a kite making day! On Monday, before AIMS, we decided to take the kids out for some of their first experiences for kite flying. The kids had a blast and learned quite a lot about what makes a good kite fly!

What was your favorite part of kite day?

Have you ever flown a kite before?

One Comment on “Flying High”

  1. flying the kites was fun I loved it. I love the kite that I got. is fun to play with my kite. my kite it works very well. but it got cot in my tree.

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