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At the beginning of this year Mrs. Hamman found an incredible website that outlined a morning meeting. I’ve never thought about doing one before but seeing this teacher do it with her 5th graders I knew it would help the students and that they would love it! If you’ve ever thought about doing a morning meeting you teachers out there, I would recommend watching the video!

Some of my fabulous ladies decided to write a blog post about what we do during morning meeting, and below all the descriptions is a video of our morning meeting:

In the beginning of Morning Meeting we sit in a circle and the student of the week tells us to close our eyes and do deep breathing 3 times. Then we do “ One thing you good yesterday and one thing you are going to do better today.” Then the student of the week picks three people,but one at a time. Then they say one they good yesterday and one thing they’re going to do better today. For example : One time someone said that they did good by clipping up to role model and they would clip to outstanding by staying on task and listening to the teacher.

We have to do the emotion wall.The emotion wall is words like how you feel these are the emotion words happy, shy, scared, ashamed, mad and sad.But we can’t use those words  we use synonyms like pleased/ perky and merry those words were the synonyms for  happy but there is more then that.But if the student of the week throws  the ball and you get it you would have to ashamed emotion word to with it.Another example is demeaned, livid, down ,  cheerful and afraid those were one word from each word wall.

At the end of morning meeting we have a number and hand clap. First what we do is we say a sentence called a affirmation for example “I can do whatever I focus my mind on.”Then the student of the week  picks someone to make up a hand clap for example “Clap,High five,clap,high ten.”Then we get into groups of two and sometimes groups of three.Then we say our  affirmation and do our hand clap.
(Written by Kathryn, Paulina and Sienna)
Watch our video of our morning meeting:

How are you feeling today?

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  1. Today I’m feeling cheerful because I found out that my mom is getting a computer for me to keep!!!

  2. I am very glad i cut my hair.!!!!!!!!.

  3. Today I feel perky. I don`t know why though.Its just a happy day for me… So far. I can`t wait for Sunday though. Now I know why I am parky.
    I am feeling perky because I am going to a friends House on Sunday.

  4. I am feeling grateful because i am going to the moves after school!

  5. Today I feel cheerful.I don’t now why but I just feel like that. I think I .feel like that because we don’t have the test today but we do have one tomorrow.

  6. I’m feeling grateful because I get to ride my drirtbike when I home today.

  7. morning meeting is fun.I hope i can be student of the week again. :()

  8. I am felling peppy because when i get home i get to play with my sister.

  9. I’m feeling grateful because there was a lizard this morning and I’m grateful it didn’t touch me.

  10. I am felling grateful today because today when I get home frome school today I am going to have a spridis siting on the table for me.

  11. Today I am fealing happy cause ,I fit my steel toe boot’s.

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